CICE Services for Faculty


Welcome to the Center for Internships & Community Engagement. Our goal is to support you to create the ideal community-based experiences for your students. The Center strives to serve as a “relationship broker” between the university and the community. In this role, we connect faculty with local and international communities to facilitate teaching and research opportunities that are beneficial to all involved.

Some of our services to you include:

  • Develop and screen academic internship and service-learning opportunities for appropriateness, safety, and departmental standards.
  • Promote departmental internship programs to students and the community.
  • Retain student placement and consent information to generate reports.
  • Classroom orientations about academic internships, service-learning, and CICE registration system.
  • Faculty service-learning grants, and conference or travel stipends.
  • Library on experiential education books and materials.
  • Faculty development opportunities about experiential learning.

Get started by scheduling a consultation with CICE staff.

News for Faculty

Sign up here to be added to the listserv for faculty community engagement topics and announcements. From time to time we'll send timely announcements of interest to faculty. In the meanwhile, browse our Resources and ReferencesOpens in new window page for current calls for papers, conferences, and reference library. Service-learning grantsOpens in new window are available to faculty for developing courses or partnerships, attending or presenting at service-learning conferences, or assessing service-learning curriculum and impacts.