Filling Out Your Cal State Apply Application

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When you apply to re-enroll at Cal State Fullerton, you must do so as a Transfer Student. Follow the instructions below as you are filling out your application at Cal State ApplyOpens in new window .

Extended Profile

Under "Degree Goal," select

  • First Bachelor's Degree
  • Transferring from a community college or four-year institution
  • Greater than or equal to 60 semester or 90 quarter hours 

Extended profile page, read instructions above

Under "Returning," select

  • "Yes," when asked if you are applying to return, EVEN if you plan to change your major
  • CSU Fullerton
  • Enter you CWID

Question 2. Read instructions above

Personal Information Quadrant under Other Information, Academic Infraction

Answer the question in relationship to your academic status when you stopped attending csuf
Questions Answers

Q. Are you in good standing with your last school attended?

Academic standing page. Read instructions.

If CSUF is the last school you attended, answer according to your previous academic status run:

  • Good Standing: "Yes"
  • If you experienced Academic Notice or Disqualification: "No"
  • OR, If your last school attended is a different college and you are in good academic standing (2.0 or higher), answer "Yes"

If you experienced academic notice (formerly academic probation) and/or disqualification, please indicate your progress toward improving your GPA, and reminders to consider pending grade forgiveness and/or in-progress grades if applicable.

Q. Have you ever been disciplined for academic performace (e.g. academic probation [academic notice] disqualification, etc.) by any college or university? For students who have experienced academic notice or academic disqualification, answer "Yes"
Q. Have you been academically disqualified at any college or university? Only answer "Yes" if you experienced academic disqualification.
If yes, please explain and disclose institution for each violation. Explain any questions answered "Yes" (e.g. "I am a former/returning CSUF student and experienced academic disqualification. I have repaired [OR am working to repair] my CSUF GPA. Please hold the admission decision until my pending grades record.")

Enter your Student ID, last term attended, last year attended, and whether you attended another college after the terms you listed.

screen shot, read instructions above
If you answered "Yes" to returning to the same CSU Campus in the Extended Profile, then CSU Fullerton will appear automatically. Please re-enter your existing CWID, last term and year in attendance. 


Academic History Quadrant

Enter all colleges attended, including CSUF. If you have taken, or are planning to take courses via Open UniversityOpens in new window at CSUF, then include the courses with your Cal State Fullerton record.