I Left in Good Academic Standing


Check your record:

  • Returning Undergraduate students may return as either lower or upper division transfer.

  • Lower Division Transfer = 59 Units or less.
  • Upper Division Transfer = 60 combined transferable units including four, core general education (GE) categories: A.1, A.2, A.3 and B.4. Courses can be completed at CSUF and/or the community college. A.1, A.2, A.3 and B.4 must be completed with a semester in between readmission.

  • You've completed these four, core GE categories (C- or better) prior to your planned return semester:

    • Oral Communication (A.1),

    • Written Communication (A.2),

    • Critical Thinking (A.3)

    • College Math (B.4)

  • Your CSUF GPA and Cumulative GPA must be at 2.0 or higher

You may apply for readmission to CSUF while you have courses in progress, however, an admission decision will not be made until CSUF Admissions receives your final grades and any other pending documents.

Log into your Student Portal to review how many units you've completed, your academic record, and to resolve any holds you may have. Instructions on how to resolve particular holds will be listed on your student home page.

Access to the CSUF Portal is disabled after a certain period of time for security reasons, so if you are unable to access the CSUF Portal, please use the Returning Student ConfirmationOpens in new window link, or contact IT Student Help DeskOpens in new window .