I have completed 60 units or more and/or completed the core GE categories


Next Steps to Return to CSUF


1. Access your CSUF academic record via Student Portal to view prior academic records and/or current holds

  • Log in to your Student PortalOpens in new window to view your academic record and to resolve any holds you may have. Instructions on how to resolve particular holds will be listed on your student home page.
  • Access to the CSUF Portal is disabled after a certain period of time for security reasons, so if you are unable to access the CSUF Portal, please contact EIP Student Services at eipconnect@fullerton.edu with your complete name and CWID number indicating you are a returning student and they will assist you with regained access to the CSUF Portal.

2. Apply for re-admission to CSUF through Cal State Apply

Application Timelines

Application Period Semester
October 1-November 30 For future Fall
August 1-August 31 For future Spring



3. After You Apply

  • Once your application is received by CSUF Admissions, you will receive an email indicating any additional documents you may need to complete your application file, which may include ordering official transcripts from all other institutions attended.
  • Monitor Application Status: Use the Student Homepage to view any To Do and Hold lists found in the Admission and Tasks tiles. Address any clear any issues that may be listed on those lists. 
  • Under Application Status, or the Accept or Decline Admissions Offer, click on View Detailed Information and select ACCEPT. You should see your current application status, which should indicate your application was received. You may also see a message that states your file has been sent for further review, which is standard.
  • If you ever see that your application has been denied or withdrawn, let and Open University advisor know immediately.
  • Once you are readmitted, ACCEPT your admission offer, process the enrollment deposit (if applicable), then complete orientation and advising if prompted.

Tips for the Reapplying Process


Understand Your Catalog Year for Degree Completion

  • All students will automatically be re-admitted to the most current catalog year for the major when re-admitted.
  • Please discuss  catalog year or catalog year rightsOpens in new window with a major advisor  or the graduation upon re-admission.

View Your Titan Degree Audit (TDA)

Most students can run an updated audit for preliminary guidance prior to re-admission by selecting the TDA icon from the Student Home Page in the CSUF Portal. This can be used as a preliminary guide. It is not, however, your final approved degree audit.

Request an Audit

Click on "Select a Different Program," then
"Run Current Programs."

select "a different what if program & run current program

Input planned major and catalog year.

choose program, then "run different program"