I have NOT completed 60 units or more and/or completed the core GE categories

Next Steps to Return to CSUF

Steps Action Instructions/Information
1 Take courses to increase your units to 60 and/or complete the core GE units.
  • Attend community collegeOpens in new window to  take the courses needed to meet the  the requirements.
  • If you have 6 or fewer units to meet the requirements, consider attending Open University at CSUFOpens in new window .
  • When you have completed the 60 units, move on to Step 2.
 2 Access your CSUF academic record via Stuent Portal to view prior academic record and/or current holds

Log in to your Student PortalOpens in new window to view your academic record and check if you have any holds. Instructions on how to resolve particular holds will be listed on your student home page.

Access to the CSUF Portal is disabled after a certain period of time for security reasons, so if you are unable to access the CSUF Portal, please contact EIP Student Services at eipconnect@fullerton.edu with your complete name and CWID number indicating you are a returning student and they will assist you with regained access to the CSUF Portal.

 3 Apply to CSUF as a transfer student. Follow Steps to Reapply