Resources & Services

The Titan Dreamers Resource Center strives to provide students with the resources and training needed to become a successful student at California State University, Fullerton. There are a list of campus and community resources that we find may be useful for undergraduates, graduates, staff, and faculty.  

Resource Center Services

Our University aims to further its collaborative efforts within the scope of our campus community. The Titan Dreamers Resource Center works to provide and consolidate information aimed towards aiding undocumented students. We partner with various offices and individuals to create a safe campus network for students. We also make recommendations to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs to improve services for undocumented students.

Services Offered

  • Referrals to reliable legal counsel outside of campus
  • Co-curricular engagement opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • UndocuAlly Training for faculty and staff
  • Mental health and wellness support

Additional Information

National Immigration Law Center
Established in 1979, the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) is one of the leading organizations in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of immigrants with low income.

Understanding the Impact of Key Provisions of COVID-19 Relief Bills on Immigrant Communities

For more information, visit

More Resources:
Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees
California Immigrant Resilience Fund FAQs
Mission Asset Fund
Avoid Unemployment Insurance Payment Delays

UndocuAlly Training

An UndocuAlly is someone who believes in the rights of Undocumented people and is committed to support and standing up for the Undocumented community.

Mission: The mission of Cal State Fullerton’s UndocuAlly Training program is to educate staff and faculty about the immigrant experience and how to support undocumented students on campus. The UndocuAlly Training program allows individuals to gain in-depth knowledge about the undocumented community by learning about the history and policies that impact our students. 

Program Structure: The UndocuAlly Training program occurs in two parts. Part 1 lays the foundations for supporting the undocumented community by learning the historical context and immigration policies, while Part 2 covers state, local, and campus resources. After attending Part 1 and Part 2 of the training program, participants are eligible to receive an UndocuAlly sticker and commit to being on the Undocu Ally roster. All sessions are open to faculty and staff. Following Part 1 and Part 2 UndocuAllies have the opportunity to participate in the UndocuAlly Refresher and UndocuAlly Semester Recap; both of these programs are intended to keep allies connected to the community and TDRC.


UndocuAlly Fall 2020 Dates 

Part 1 - Foundations
Develop an understanding of foundational terminology and concepts, become aware of issues that currently impact the Undocumented community at a national level, learn about resources for the Undocumented community, and reflect on ways to support Undocumented students at CSU Fullerton.

 October 26, 2021 at 11 am to 12:30 pm, via Zoom - Registration Coming Soon!

Part 2 - Supporting CSUF Students
Apply the knowledge you learned in Part 1 and move from the national to the state and local framework. Gain a greater understanding of the support California provides to the undocumented community and how this benefits students. Finally, learn different ways in which you can support undocumented students on campus and how to be an UndocuAlly 

Novemeber 2, 2021 at 11:30 am to 1pm, via Zoom - Registration Coming Soon!