Text Formatting

Text formatting (bold, italics, underline, etc.) buttons

These buttons are all for the formatting of the text you put on your page.

The first button is Erase All Formatting  Icon of clear formatting. After highlighting the desired text, you click that button.  It will remove all bold, italics, underlines, strikethroughs, and colors (applying color is in another section). 

The next four buttons are Bold  Icon of bold, Italics  Icon of Italics, Underline Icon of underline, and Strikethrough  Icon of strikethrough. A general rule of thumb is this:  DO NOT use any one of these too much.  These effects all provide emphasis on sections of text in different ways. Too much emphasis is the same as the student who overuses the highlighter marker.  

A note on using Underline : Web users are used to links being underlined, or an underline appearing on a link when hovered. Some users may find themselves trying to click on underlined text.

Strikethrough is a function that is rarely used.  Often it is only helpful when posting items such as proposed changes to by-laws for a club, group, or organization, so that members can see what was changed more clearly. Once a new change is in place, you can just replace the old one with the new one.