Media buttons

These buttons are for adding images Icon of Insert Image or embedding video Icon of Insert video or other media on your page.

When you insert an imageIcon of Insert Image, you will be required to input a description (alt tag) of image. This allows people using screen readers, and other types of adaptive software, to be "read" what the image is displaying even if they cannot see it. (See image of dialogue box below). There are specific rules for image descriptions (alt tags) to pass accessibility. 

Image upload dialogue box

Please do not use the video Icon of Insert video or other mediatool to insert videos or other embedded media.  First, you run the risk of your embedded code being wiped out via the editor.  One stray backspace, the OU editor will be helpful, and delete up the next line, which could be your embed. Second, video requires very specific steps to be 508 compliant, including closed captioning.  A 508 guide to videos is coming soon.   Contact the web team for assistance with videos in the interim.