Writing Resources for Students

A range of resources providing academic support for students in all levels and disciplines.

Writing Center
http://english.fullerton.edu/writing_center/Opens in new window
The Writing Center offers personalized support to students from all levels and disciplines to develop their skills as better writers and critical thinkers within a nurturing and creative environment.

Science and Math Tutoring
http://www.fullerton.edu/nsm/student_success/ocsams/ocsams.phpOpens in new window
The University Learning Center (ULC) and the Opportunity Center for Science and Mathematics Students (OCSAMS) provide free tutoring in math and science in a welcoming, and supportive environment.

University Learning Center
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Free tutoring for specific subjects with a main focus on lower division, undergraduate General Education. Students can make appointments for half-hour or hour long tutoring sessions, up to three times per week, for the courses in which they are enrolled.

Mihaylo College Tutoring Center
http://business.fullerton.edu/TutoringOpens in new window Offers tutoring in various business subjects in a friendly and supportive learning environment.

Department of Philosophy Research Resources
http://philosophy.fullerton.edu/students/research_res.aspxOpens in new window
A repository of helpful, online research resources with an emphasis in philosophy.

Examination in Writing Proficiency (EWP)
http://www.fullerton.edu/testing/ewp/Opens in new window
The EWP essay exam assesses writing proficiency and may be required by specific graduate programs.

English Placement Test (EPT)
The EPT is a requirement for all new undergraduates except for those who qualify for an exemption. The EPT assesses the level of reading and writing skills and is used to determine appropriate placement into the sequence of college writing courses.