DQ Grace Pilot

With the support of the Provost, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences ran a program pilot in Fall 2021 that offered a group of first-time students facing disqualification an additional semester to raise their GPA to the level needed to stay enrolled in CSUF.

The College's Retention Specialist identified and reached out to 19 students eligible to participate in the program. The students had to have a 1.5 GPA and be on the verge of disqualification. The Retention Specialist met with each student and created a plan that set them up for a successful semester. The students were required to regularly meet with the Retention Specialist throughout the semester and turn in progress reports from their professors.

Early evidence suggests the pilot has successfully enabled students to meet the GPA requirement and remain enrolled in good standing in Spring 2022. Of the 13 students who initially were a part of of the pilot program, 11 have stayed engaged. Of those 11, all are on track to stay part of the campus community because they will have raised their GPA above the disqualification threshold. Seven are expected to earn high enough grades to jump into good standing. The remaining four will be on academic notice for the Fall 2022 semester.