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University Smoking Policy



President's Directives

President's Directive No. 1
University Policy Regarding the Possession, Manufacturing, Sale, Furnishing Without Charge, and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages and Other Drugs in a University Workplace or Residence Facility

President's Directive No. 2
University Policy Regarding Commercial Transactions, Solicitation, Commercial Solicitation on Campus

President's Directive No. 3
University Policy Regarding the Sale of Published Materials on Campus

President's Directive No. 4
University Policy Regarding Handbills and Circulars on Campus
President's Directive No. 5
University Policy Regarding Public Meetings, Performances, Rallies, or Similar Public Events on Campus
President's Directive No. 6
University Policy Regarding the Sale of Food, Beverages, Merchandise and Services
President's Directive No. 7
University Policy Regarding the Marketing of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

President's Directive No. 8
University Policy Regarding Violence in the Workplace
Related Document: Implementing Directive No. 8

President's Directive No. 9
University Policy Regarding the Use of Attorneys in Student Disciplinary Proceedings Outlined in Executive Order No. 628
"Student Disciplinary Procedures for the California State University"
President's Directive No. 10
Directive Establishing the Campus Student Fee Advisory Committee
President's Directive No. 11
Administrative Guidelines for the Expenditure of University Funds

President's Directive No. 12
University Risk Management

President's Directive No. 13
Information Security

President's Directive No. 14
Procedure for Reporting Allegations of Retaliation
Under California’s Whistleblower Protection Act
President's Directive No. 15
Regarding Telephones, Cellular Phones,
and Portable Electronic Communication Devices
"" President's Directive No. 16
Clarifies the rules of on-campus use of personal forms of transportation
"" President's Directive No. 17
Student Privacy and Education Records

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