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African American Resource Center

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Chicana/Chicano Resource Center

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Titan Dreamers Resource Center


DIRC Brave Space

Our Brave Space serves as a communal critical learning environment that provides support to explore common topics such as wellness, career advisement, intersectional identities, culture, and more. The values we uphold in the Brave Space include cultural humility, community inclusiveness, and community ownership. More information about our department, campus and community resources, affiliated student organizations, and current events around campus can be found in our Brave Space.

Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers
Pollak Library South, 180
Mondays - Thursdays --- 8am - 7pm
Fridays -------------------------- 8am - 5pm
email: dirc@fullerton.edu | phone: (657) 278-4391
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DIRC Mission Statement 

Diversity Initiatives & Resource Centers (DIRC) empowers, educates, and engages students and the Titan community through co-curricular learning. We provide support for students to expand their cultural competence and identity development.

Department Learning Outcomes: 

  • Students will engage in a community which fosters a sense of belonging.
  • Students will identify and connect with relevant campus and community resources.
  • Students will recognize their sense of identity through co-curricular learning.