Paying for College 

The Office of Financial Aid is aware the college expenses and associated payment deadlines may put a burden on your family. That's why we have collaborated with campus departments to ensure you have sufficient resources to regarding educational costs.

Follow Up On Your Student's Financial Aid Application

  • Make sure your student has applied for financial aid (information on how to applyOpens in new window ). 
  • Make sure they are checking their Student Portal & Student Center for holds or to do list items.
  • Make sure your student is checking their CSUF Student email regularly to see if we have contacted them, especially during spring as we are reviewing applications and sending out notices for information.
  • Talk about their financial aid award package to see if additional funds are needed based on their cost of attendance. 
  • Make a budget plan to ensure your family is prepare year round and planning for additional expenses if needed. 

Deferring Fee Payment

After a student registers for courses online, tuition and campus fees are calculated by Student Business Services and typically require a full payment by the published due date. You should check your Student Center to find out your balance and the due date.  If your student has applied for financial aid, your student may be eligible to postpone payment of their tuition and campus fees until financial aid is disbursed at the beginning of the semester.  Visit Student Business Services payment informationOpens in new window for more details.

Disbursement of Funds

The Office of Financial Aid works in conjunction with Student Business Services to pay accepted financial aid awards to students. These payments are called “disbursements” and begin the week before classes start each semester.

Aid is disbursed to eligible students a week prior to the first day of classes each semester, and thereafter as available.

Installment Payment Plan

The Installment Payment Plan is provided by Student Business ServicesOpens in new window and is an option for students to pay their tuition fee or non-resident tuition fee over an extended period of time (Initial payment of fees + 3 monthly installments). Students must re-enroll each term. There is a charge to activate a payment plan, additionally if any payments are missed late fees will be charged and the student may be subject to disenrollment. 

  • Learn more about the available payment methods including the Installment Payment Plan.

If the student's financial aid award is sufficient to cover tuition and campus-based fees, then fee payment may be eligible for deferment. Learn more at Student Business Services payment information.

Students Receiving Fee Assistance

A student may be receiving fee assistance for their courses. Some of these include Veteran benefits, third party sponsorship, department of rehabilitation assistance, or other assistance. If this applies to your student they should contact Student Business ServicesOpens in new window to determine what information or steps are needed to ensure their courses are paid for in a timely manner. 

Paying for Housing

On-Campus Housing cost are listed on the Student Center. After a student's tuition and fees have been paid by their financial aid, the remainder (if applicable) will be applied to the outstanding housing balance.

Paying for Other Educational Expenses

Books, Parking Permits, or Off-Campus Housing and other living expenses are considered out of pocket expenses. This means that the student would have to pay for them on their own. As financial aid funds can pay as early as the week before the semester begins this can provide sufficient time to obtain needed resources to start classes.

Titan ShopsOpens in new window - There are a variety of resources for getting books for lower costs, such as renting them or buying used books. Visit the bookstore to learn more.

Parking and TransportationOpens in new window - Permits can be purchased online or in person. You can also buy daily or semester permits. Make sure your permit is displayed clearly to avoid getting a parking ticket.