Available Appeals for Special Circumstances


Projected Year Income Appeal (Parent and Student)

Financial Aid applications use tax information from the prior-prior tax year to determine your financial aid eligibility. If there have been recent significant changes to your (student or parent) income from what was reported on the 2023-2024 FAFSAOpens in new window or CA Dream ActOpens in new window application, this appeal form will help the financial aid office update your application to reflect your family’s most accurate income up to date, according to the supporting documentation submitted.

Please note : Students who already have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of 0 on their 2023-2024 FAFSAOpens in new window or CA Dream ActOpens in new window application are already receiving the maximum of financial aid and are not eligible to submit an Income Appeal, as it will not further increase financial aid eligibility.

Changes in income that apply:

  • Separation from work due to layoff or termination

  • Significant changes in income

  • Separation or divorce after submitting a financial aid application

  • Death of a parent after submitting a financial aid application

  • One-time income no longer applicable

Possible Documents that would need to be submitted

Please note: The financial aid Counselor  you meet with will determine required documents during the meeting.

  • Loss of Job/Unemployment/Job Change:

    • Termination letter

    • Pay stubs

    • Severance compensation letter

    • EDD Notice of Unemployment

  • Separation or divorce after filing financial aid application:

    • Legal separation documents, attorney’s letter, or utility bills that show parents live in separate residences OR a copy of the Divorce Decree that states the date of change in marital status

    • W-2 for the parent that provides more than 50% of the student support

    • Alimony and/or child support orders

  • Death of parent after filing financial aid application:

    • Copy of death certificate or obituary

    • W-2 for surviving parent

  • Other situations:

    • Out of pocket medical costs

      • Receipts

If you are appealing a change in business income you may need to wait to file your appeal until after the next tax year has completed and you are able to obtain a tax transcript.

What is the process to submit my income appeal?

  • If you have been selected for verification, all students must first submit all verification documentation. Students selected can view the requirement by logging into their Student Homepage under “Tasks”

  • Call our office at (657) 278-3125 and our staff can help determine if an Income Appeal is right for your situation. If an income appeal is possible for your situation, we will assist you in scheduling an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor.

  • For the 2023-24 academic year, students began meeting with Financial Aid Counselors regarding an Income Appeal, beginning June 19, 2023. Based on your circumstances, the counselor may provide the form for the income appeal.

  • Please note: Income Appeal processing time frame is between 6 to 8 weeks.

Other information to note:

  • In preparation for your meeting, please review this site and prepare a typed statement explaining your circumstances, any supporting documentation relevant to your case, and the reason the appeal should be considered. The counselor may request additional documents.

  • Forms can be submitted in person in the Office of Financial Aid or through our online document submission platform after meeting with a Financial Aid counselor. Forms with insufficient documentation will not be accepted, so please make sure all requested items and signatures are included prior to submission.

Other financial resources available:

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  • Food assistance, CalFresh application support, Temporary Housing, Basic Needs Grants

ScholarshipsOpens in new window

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