Year Round Programs

Financial Aid is typically awarded for Fall and Spring terms only, there are several programs at CSU Fullerton that are designated as Year Round Programs. The programs require students to be enrolled in courses in Fall, Spring, & Summer. This results in the students in these programs receiving unique financial aid awards. In the Office of Financial Aid we call these programs, Special Programs, as they have special financial aid rules. Some of these programs may have additional fees above and beyond the standard fees, books, parking, etc. The Office of Financial aid is required to reserve 1/3 of your annual Federal Direct Loan eligibility for that mandatory summer term and, if applicable, update your cost of attendance with any additional allowable educational expenses if you are in a Special Program.

Special Programs Listed by Degree Type

undergraduate programs
Program Name Program Code


Program Name Program Code
Nursing Distance EL-BSN 33NURDPBS
Nursing Accelerated BSN 33NURQPBS
Pre-Health 66PHPBPPRP
Program Name Program Code
MS in Athletics Training 33ATPRPMS
MS in Nursing Women’s Health Care 33NURHPMS
Nursing Leadership 33NURLPMS
Nursing Leadership Distance 33NURRPMS
MS in Nursing Nursing Educator 33NURTPMS
MS in Information Technology 42INFTPMS
MS in Information Technology/Design 42ITDSPMS
MS in Information Technology/Management 42ITMGPMS
MS Combined Elementary Curriculum Instruction and Credential 50EDCCPMS
MS in Education K-12 50EDEAPMS
MS in Education/Secondary 50EDSCPMS
MS in Education Technology 50EDTCPMS
MS in Education Higher Education 50EDHEPMS
MS in Instructional Design 50IDTEPMS
MA in Math/Applied Option 66MAAPPMA
MA in Math/Teaching Option 66MAEDPMA
MS in Statistics 66MSTAPMS
MS in Engineering Management 69EGMTPMS
Program Name Program Code
Doctor of Nursing Practice 33NDNPPDNP
Doctor of Nursing Practice Anesthesia 33NDNAPDNP
EdD, Educational Leadership Higher Education 50EDCMPEDD
EdD, Educational Leadership K-12 50EDLDPEDD
Extension and International UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS
Program Name Program Code
BA in Sociology 37SOCXUBA
BA in Humanities/Social Sciences 37HSSXUBA
BA in Business Administration 42BUPOUBA
extension and international GRADUATE PROGRAMS
Program Name Program Code
MS in Counseling 33COUXPMS
MS in Social Work 33MSWXPMSW
MS in Software Engineering 69EGSXPMS


Due to the year round nature of these special programs we are required to reserve a portion of your student loan eligibility for the summer term.


Important Note: Only students who are eligible to file a FAFSA application are eligible to receive Federal forms of financial aid.


Types of Aid Chart (Download)PDF File Opens in new window

Federal Grants

All of the following are consider eligible for Federal Grant.

  • All 1st time undergraduate students, including those in Extension and International Programs (EIP) programs
  • Cal State Teach Students

State Grant Programs

  • State University Grant -- All student who pay state fees, with the exception of Postbac/2nd BA students, are considered for this grant. Because EIP and Doctoral program students do not pay state fees, they are also not considered for this grant.
  • Cal Grant -- All 1st time undergraduates are considered including those in EIP programs. 

Federal Direct Loans

  • Subsidized Loan -- All undergraduate and Cal State Teach students, include those in EIP programs are considered.
  • Unsubsidized Loan -- All student whether in undergraduate or graduate programs, including EIP programs, are considered.

Federal Plus Loans

  • Parent Plus -- Parents of dependent 1st time undergraduate students, including those in EIP programs, may apply at
  • Graduate Plus -- All graduate students including those in the Doctoral and EIP programs, may apply at


We know that you may have additional questions. We have created some FAQ handouts that may be of use to you, click those of interest to you to obtain a pdf copy.

Special Programs FAQsPDF File Opens in new window

Programs with Specific FAQs