Bridge to Doctorate (BD) Program

The Bridge to Doctorate (BD) program is geared towards making CSU Master’s students highly competitive for STEM doctorate programs. Overall, it is an excellent opportunity to have a guided and structured transition into a Ph.D. program. Students are required to apply and be accepted into the institution hosting the BD program, before being eligible for the BD program. Upon acceptance into the institution, students are required to apply to the CSU-LSAMP BD program. The program provides financial, academic and personal support for a cohort of 12 LSAMP BD Fellows admitted to Master’s level degree programs in STEM at the designated graduate institutional site.

The BD program offers an invaluable opportunity for LSAMP students to gain skills and experience that will increase their competiveness for a PhD program in a STEM discipline. While working on a Master’s degree, students will gain essential information that will equip them for the expectations and rigor of a Ph.D. program.

Program Eligibility:

  • Students must have participated in an LSAMP program as an undergraduate.
  • Students must have a strong interest and intent to continue towards obtaining a Ph.D. in a STEM discipline
  • Students need to apply and be accepted into a Master’s program at the designated University hosting the BD program. Once accepted into the MS program of choice, they may apply to the BD program


Program Benefits:

  • $32,000 stipend per year
  • Cost of education allowance
    • California residency graduate tuition and fees for two years towards completion of a MS degree in a STEM discipline 
  • Travel to professional conferences
  • Professional Development
  • STEM PhD program application support
  • Mentorship  
    • Orientation to and advising in the Master’s program
    • Intensive mentoring of research at the Master’s level
    • A workshop series and writing support
    • Support of conference participation


Program Expectations:

  • Must complete their Masters within 2 years
  • Original research must be conducted and communicated via presentations and publications
  • Achievement of competitive GRE scores
  • Advancement to STEM Ph.D. program upon completion of CSU-LSAMP BD program