LSAMP Scholars Aiming High & Making a Difference

Isaac Magallanes holds a fossil.

Titan Paleontologists Describe New Genus, Species in Scientific PaperOpens in new window

Former LSAMP participant Isaac Magallanes published his LSAMP-funded research on ancient walrus fossils.

Coutesy of CSUF News Center
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Shooka Shahbazi wins best poster.

Shooka Shahbazi Wins Best Poster at the South Coast Geological Society.Opens in new window

Shahbazi wins $200 for best undergraduate poster at the South Coast Geological Society.

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Wes Whiting an IRES research student in 2017

Wes Whiting Publishes Research 

Solvable Leibniz Algebras with Quasi-Filiform split Lie Nilradical

Alex Hof, James Shade, and Wesley Whiting,   Uzbek Mathematical Journal, (2017), No.3, pp.159-168. 
Alexandro Luna, a 2018 IREU research student in Uzbekistan 2018

Alexandro Luna presents at the AMS, Western Sectional Meeting, 2018

p-adic Dynamical Systems of (3,1)-Rational Functions with unique fixed point.