Border Modifiers

CSS Style Overview

  • NoBorders or NoBorder
  • NoLeftBorder
  • NoRightBorder
  • NoTopBorder
  • NoBottomBorder

These need to be used on a section by section basis where you want to limit the border.  You can use more than one in any section.

Remove What you Don't Want

You may not need it now, but we have you covered when you want to get rid of a line or two around your content.  Using any of these style will put a modifier on the editable section.  


This may not have an effect on elements nested within the zone such as blockquotes, custom styled objects, or other elements.  



This is an example of how pinstripe effect can place a border around your content.





This is a similar example using the prinstripe effect but using a NoBorderLeft and NoBorderRight modifier on the same section.