Top Media Max

CSS Style Overview

  • TopMediaMax
  • ImageMax

Stretching it Out

This modifier is used in the Top Media Options CSS box in the page properties.  TopMediaMax will stretch the top media section out to reach edge to edge while being viewed (gets rid of the gutter space on each side of the this section). This can be used with any layoutOpens in new window , though works best with T4s. 

ImageMax can be used in conjunction with this style  to force an image you use in this section to fill 100% of the space without padding.  


Be aware that if you use ImageMax with an image that is too small, it will look blurry or pixilated.

Top media section with no style and an undersized image.  

Top media example with no styles

Top media section with ImageMax style only. You can see the image now fills the entire avaialable top media space.

Top media example using max style

Top media section using TopMediaMax only. You can see the image goes all the way to the right and doesn't fill the entire space due to the size of the image. 

Top media example of TopMediaMax style

Top media section using TopMediaMax and ImageMax.  You can also try using our page bannersOpens in new window for the same effect.  This technique is best used when you need more individual images than the page banners provides (12). 

TopMediaMax and max example