Section Gutters

CSS Style Overview

  • SectionGutter_700
  • SectionGutter_800
  • SectionGutter_900
  • SectionGutter_1000
  • SectionGutter_1100
  • SectionGutter

Note: SectionGutter is 1200 pixels which is the normal space across with no left nav. This style will only make a difference if you are using Content Max Width but want single sections to have the gutter space. 

Give it Some Space

This style is used to make a section have more space on each side.  The content space on any page is 1200 pixels, including the left nav if turned on, so some of the sizes will not work with left nav turned on.   Simply add this style to an individual section. 


This works best on individual sections in boxes on T4 layouts using Content Max Width, but can work on any section on any template. Template sample used here is T3_69 with left nav turned on, so content space is only 1000 pixels. Each area used were equal sized rows to the no gutter sample. 

No Gutter