Support & Services


Cal State Fullerton is pleased to offer a wide variety of scholarships and awards to honor outstanding achievement. Nearly $2 million in scholarships and awards is paid annually at Cal State Fullerton. Students apply for scholarships and are nominated for awards.

tutoring services

The University Learning Center (ULC)

The ULC is an important component of Student Academic Services, in the Division of Student Affairs at Cal State Fullerton.  A major goal of higher education is to create lifelong learners - intentional, independent, self-directed learners who can acquire, retain and retrieve new knowledge on their own (American Association of Colleges and Universities (2007). Our goal is to provide currently enrolled and matriculated Cal State Fullerton students with the tools to become self-regulated learners. We believe that all learners need support that extends beyond the classroom to reinforce and amplify daily lessons. Research shows that students who engage in tutoring, attend study groups, and participate in skill building workshops achieve higher grades than those who do not.


Opportunity Center for Science and Mathematics Students (OCSAMS)

OCSAMS provides free tutoring for students on a drop-in basis in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics.  Tutoring is available for many lower division core courses, as well as in a number of upper division courses based on expertise of tutors.


Center for Academic Support in Engineering and Computer Science (CASECS)

The Center for Academic Support in Engineering and Computer Science (CASECS) is an academic support program designed to recruit, retain and graduate students. CASECS serves educationally disadvantage students, to the extent possible by law and emphasizes participation by students from groups with low eligibility rates for four-year colleges. CASECS is a program of Student Academic Services in the Division of Students Affairs with joint collaboration of the College of Engineering & Computer Science and Student Affairs.