State University Grant (SUG)

The State University (SUG) program provides need-based awards to eligible undergraduate and graduate/post baccalaureate students who are California residents or otherwise determined as eligible, such as AB 540-eligible students. Funded by the State of California and administered by the California State University. The grant is designed to pay either part-time or full-time state tuition feesOpens in new window based on units of enrollment.

To Be Considered Eligible for the Award

  1. Complete the FAFSAOpens in new window or DREAM application by March 2nd priority deadline.
  2. Student must be a California Resident or AB-540 eligible as designated by Admission and Records.
  3. Submit All Requested Documents for Verification by Due Date Established on the Student's Center 'To-Do-List'.
  4. Continuing students must meet Satisfactory Academic ProgressOpens in new window .

Note: SUG Eligibility is determined annually based upon a student's Expected Family Contribution, completion of the FAFSA or DREAM application by the March 2nd priority deadline, submission of all requested documents, and is subject to availability of funds.

State University Grant (SUG) Enrollment Requirements

  • If a student is enrolled in 7 or more units, there is no change to the SUG award, since the State Tuition Fee remains the same.
  • If a student is enrolled in 6 units, the amount of the SUG award is adjusted to reflect the half-time State Tuition Fee.
  • If a student is enrolled in less than 6 units, the student is not eligible for the SUG award.

Students enrolled in less than half-time at census are not eligible for SUG funding, and their award will be canceled. An evaluation of final enrollment for a semester is at the University Census date, (this is last day of the add or drop period by permission, which typically occurs on the fourth Friday of the semester.

Note: Students must be enrolled in at least 6 units each semester to received a SUG payment. Funding is limited and students who filed a financial aid application after the March 2nd priority deadline maybe not be offered a SUG award. 


  1. Students who are pursuing a second bachelor's, second credential or second master's are not eligible for the State University Grant.
    • This limitation applies to the completion of a previous degree received at CSU, Fullerton or any other college/university. 
  2. Students who receive tuition/fee waivers, vocational rehabilitation or sponsored tuition/fee waivers are not eligible.
  3. Recipient of the State University Grant in one year does not guarantee the award for subsequent years due to availability of funds.
  4. State University Grant awards are limited based on the number of units a student has earned and the published length of their academic program.
  5. Students enrolled in a stand-alone Certificate Program are not eligible to receive the State University Grant.

Undergraduate Awarding Limits

Students pursing their initial (first) Undergraduate degree are eligible to receive a State University Grant award up to the maximum earned units shown below.

Undergraduate Level Maximum Earned Units for SUG Award
Freshmen Admits 150 units * (All future transfer earned units are counted)
Transfer Students - Transferring less than 75 earned units  150 units* (CSUF Earned Units + Transfer Earned Units)
Transfer Students - Transferring 75 or more earned units 75 units

* The following coursework is not counted toward the undergraduate units maximums:

  1. Pre-Baccalaureate or Remedial coursework that does not carry baccalaureate credit.
  2. Test credit (AP, IB, etc.) and Military credit.

Note: Students pursing a second undergraduate degree are not eligible for the State University Grant.

Credential Awarding Limits

Students pursing their initial (first) Credential are eligible to receive a State University Grant award for a maximum of 30 total earned units while enrolled as a Post-Baccalaureate Credential student. This maximum include all earned units from a prior credential program and any applicable transfer units. 

The maximum does not include any units completed in a non-credential post-baccalaureate degree program. (Master's or Doctorate)

Note: Students pursuing a second credential program are not eligible to receive a State University Grant.

Master Awarding Limits

Students pursuing their initial master’s or initial doctorate have an earned unit maximum of 125% of the published unit requirement for their degree. To calculate 125% of your degree units, multiply the total units required for your degree by 1.25.

For the majority of Master's Degree at CSUF, students are eligible to receive a State University Grant award for a maximum of 37.5 total earned units. There are a few various master's degree that is above 37.5 units SUG limit. 

How To Calculate SUG Maximum Unit Earned Eligibility for Your Master Program Example Chart Below.

Units Requires for Degree SUG Maximum Earned Unit Limit (125% of Units Required for Degree)
30 units 30 times 1.25 = 37.5 units
36 units 36 times 1.25 = 45 units
45 units 45 times 1.25 = 56.25 units
60 units 60 times 1.25 = 75 units

This maximum includes all earned units from the term of admission to a graduate degree program and any applicable transfer units. The maximum does not include units earned while classified as a Credential or Second-baccalaureate student.

Note: Students pursing a second Master's program are not eligible for the State University Grant.

In addition, Doctoral programs (EDD and Nursing)  are not eligible for the State University Grant.

Disbursement Requirements for State University Grant

Career Actual Units of Enrollment Requirement Disbursed Amount
Undergraduate/Credential/Graduate 0-5 units of enrollment Not Eligible
Undergraduate/Credential/Graduate 6 units of enrollment Part-Time Tuition Fee *
Undergraduate/Credential/Graduate 7 or more units of enrollment Full-Time Tuition Fee *
* Tuition Fee can be found on Student Business Services Website.