Internship Preparation Program (IPP)

Project RAISE facilitates the Internship Preparation Program (IPP) for students to learn about, prepare for, pursue, and participate in meaningful internship opportunities in STEM fields.

IPP is offered to students that participate in the RAISE Transfer Program (RTP) throughout the academic year. IPP will help students apply learning from their classroom and laboratories to the workplace and research settings, build a professional network, and gain skills needed to find internships.

Internship Prep Program Services: 

  • Develop your resume and cover letter
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Practice your networking skills
  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile
  • Build and maintain a strong personal brand
  • Connect directly with employers
  • Tour and explore local employer sites
  • Develop learning goals for your internship
  • Receive support during your internship to meet your learning objectives

To begin preparing and applying to STEM internships, please schedule an appointment with Marlene Leyva, the Project RAISE Academic Success Coordinator.

If you have any questions, please contact Marlene Leyva, Academic Success Coordinator at

Internship Preparation Program Student Commitment

  • Meet and provide regular updates to the Academic Success Coordinator or other Project RAISE staff member via email or appointments.
  • Get resume and cover letter reviewed by a career specialist.
  • Schedule a mock interview.
  • Apply to various STEM paid internship opportunities.
  • Obtain a paid internship or opportunity and
    • Complete the Internship Placement Form outlining commitment to the opportunity within the first 2 weeks of your internship.
    • Provide regular updates to the Project RAISE Academic Success Coordinator each month througout the internship

Internship Site Responsibilities

The main priority of the internship experience is to provide students with a professional learning experience in which they gain new knowledge by performing tasks, working on projects, completing other on-the-job learning experiences in a professional work environment, and through mentoring. Internships provides students with the opportunity to test a tentative career choice. 

  • Provide an orientation that includes a site tour; an introduction to staff; a description of the characteristics of and risks associated with the Learning Site’s operations, services and/or clients; a discussion concerning safety policies and emergency procedures.
  • Provide student with a written description of the student’s tasks and responsibilities.
  • Provide appropriate training, equipment, materials, and work area.
  • Direct supervisor meets with the student regularly to facilitate the student’s learning experience, provide support, review progress on assigned tasks, verify hours, and give feedback. 
  • Provide and complete end of internship evaluation.
  • Communicate or meet with Project RAISE Academic Success Coordinator at least once or as needed, including post-internship survey.

To discuss or send your internship opportunities and get connected to CSUF students, please contact 
Project RAISE at or 657-278-4876.

OC Sanitation District Tour group

RAISE Transfer Program students at the OC Sanitation District for a facility tour as preparation for the Summer Internship Program.