• Fullerton Math Circle: The Fullerton Math Circle is funded by the Department of Mathematics at CSUF and attracts elementary, middle and high school students interested in mathematics. More information and details about our meetings can be found here.
  • Scholarships and Awards: The Mathematics Department at CSUF offers a wide variety of scholarships and awards to our undergraduate and graduate students. Here you can find a list of scholarships specific for students at CSUF.
  • Careers: Mathematicians have a wide variety of career options. Here you can find more about job rankings and career opportunities for math majors and mathematicians.
  • Student Research and Competitions: There are plenty of research opportunities with CSUF faculty, or problem solving seminars in preparation for competitions, or REU programs at other institutions. 
  • Student Groups: Find out more about the clubs in our department.
  • Student Employment: The Mathematics Department offers several opportunities for employment for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • GRAM: The GRAM program offers training for undergraduates in math. The program includes rigorous preparation aimed at mathematical readiness for graduate studies and undergraduate research.
  • ALEKS: Beginning Fall 2017, CSUF is offering the Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) for the placement of first time freshmen into MATH 150A (Calculus I) and MATH 130 (A Short Course in Calculus). 
  • Employment: The Mathematics department offers several opportunities for employment. Here you can find the current positions available.