Student Research and Competitions

There are a variety of ways to enhance your mathematics education and give yourself an advantage for getting into graduate school or securing employment. There are research opportunities with CSUF faculty, student research opportunities at other institutions, and you may also wish to participate in the problem solving seminars in preparation for the Putnam competition. 


Student Research

Student research at the undergraduate level refers to a broad range of out-of-the-classroom activity conducted under the supervision of a mathematics faculty member, and it is becoming more common for mathematics students to add this to their resume by the time they graduate. Activities range from independent study of a topic not covered in the course offerings, solving (and publishing) solutions to problems posed in mathematics magazines, reading and summarizing the contents of a research article, to participating in the research program of a faculty member.

Students that are interested in such an experience, and that have the necessary free time, should look over the research interests on the faculty web pages and contact appropriate faculty members to see if they are currently providing such opportunities. A student could also inquire with their mathematics course instructors.


Mathematics Competitions

The CSUF mathematics department regularly participates in the Putnam Mathematics Competition, a national competition drawing thousands of students from hundreds of universities each December. Faculty members provide a seminar in the fall semester in order to prepare students for the examination, and in 2012, the CSUF team distinguished themselves admirably, achieving their best success in recent memory, surpassing teams from some high profile universities. For more information, contact Dr. Bogdan Suceava at bsuceava@fullerton.eduOpens in new window .


Opportunities at Other Institutions

CSUF encourages participation into reputable programs at other institutions. These are some of the programs where our former students have participated:

  • USTARSOpens in new window (Reed College)
  • GEAR UPOpens in new window (California State University, San Bernardino)
  • PUMPOpens in new window (California State University)
  • WPI REUOpens in new window (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)