Student Employment

The Mathematics department offers several opportunities for employment for undergraduate and graduate students.


Students can work as graders, working with individual faculty to grade homework.  Contact Jennifer Menser (MH-154) at Opens in new window  for more information and to apply.



Students can work in the Mathematics Department Tutoring Center, working on a one-to-one basis with students.  You must have a B or better in a calculus class to be eligible. Tutors are hired at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Contact Jennifer Menser (MH-154) at Opens in new window  for more information and to apply.


SI Leaders

Students may work as Supplemental Instruction (SI) workshop leaders. SI leaders lead 1-unit workshops that provide support to lower-division mathematics classes. For more information contact Amanda (Henning) Martinez at or Ashley Thune-Aguayo at


Teaching Associate

We offer interested masters students, depending on availability, part-time instructor positions where they teach one or more of our elementary mathematics courses.  Applications for the Teaching Associate (TA) position will be accepted beginning in March to teach the following fall semester.