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NSM Student Success Center Advising

The NSM Advising offices are located in McCarthy Hall, Room 129. We are here to make sure you have the guidance, tools, and support needed to progress toward graduation and achieve your academic goals.

NSM majors have access to both Student Success Team (SST) Advisors and Faculty Advisors.

The SST Advisors meet with students year-round. We provide advising in: 

  • General Education
  • Academic challenges and concerns
  • Lower division major requirements
  • University policies
  • Exploring major changes
  • Graduation advising
  • Career guidance and graduate school planning (Career Specialist only)

Your Faculty Advisors are located in your major department. They offer advising in:

  • All major requirements
  • Research opportunities
  • Meeting your fall and spring mandatory advising requirement

If you aren't sure who to contact, you can always fill out the SSC Team Request form, and an advisor will respond to your inquiry.

Find My SST Advisor

Are you...

A Current Student?

Athletes, CA Promise, Fullerton Finish, Honors: Tanya Kim


        Make an appointment with Tanya

Graduation Candidates and Applicants: Axis Avalos


        Make an appointment with Axis

 Last Name A-Gl: Abe Roldan


        Make an appointment with Abe

 Last Name Go-N: Natalie Mir


        Make an appointment with Natalie

Last Name O-Z: Kristin Nguyen 


        Make an appointment with Kristin  

A New Student?

New Freshmen

Class registration will occur on the day of your  Orientation . Students registered for hybrid orientation will receive a link in their CSUF student email to sign up for an NSM advising workshop. Complete the  SSC Team Request Form  if you have advising questions prior to this date.

New Transfers

Class registration for admitted Fall 2024 transfers opened on June 3. Contact Tanya Kim, Assistant Director of Advising at if you have advising questions.

Looking for Career Advising?

   Schedule an appointment with the Career Center .


Planning to Change Your Major?

  • If you are certain about your major change: Complete the online Major/Minor Change Form.
  • You are exploring a major change out of NSM: Meet with your SST advisor and/or an advisor in your new/intended major department.
  • You are exploring a major change into NSM: Call 657-278-7082 to make an appointment with Tanya Kim or contact for email advising.


NSM Success Team Advisors are available Monday-Friday from 8:30AM-5:00PM by appointment only. We are located in MH 129.

Current NSM majors can make an appointment through TitanNet or by using the Find My SST Advisor tool above. Students may request an appointment by submitting the  SSC Team Request Form  or by calling 657-278-7082. Student Assistants are also available at the NSM SSC front desk Monday-Friday 9am-5pm during Fall and Spring semesters to assist you with making an appointment.

Faculty/Department Advising

  • Most NSM Majors are required to complete mandatory advising every Fall and Spring semester with their major department. Students who do not attend will have a hold preventing registration for classes. Details are emailed in October and March each year. 

    Find contact information for your faculty advisor at the following links:

New Students

Welcome to Cal State Fullerton!

Newly admitted First Year Students will receive advising and enroll in classes on the afternoon of their Orientation date. Registration for Orientation will open on May 6 and close on June 10. Students who sign up for Online Orientation will be contacted separately by the NSM Student Success Team to attend a workshop before enrolling. All First Year students in NSM should also be on the lookout for instructions to take the ALEKS Mathematics assessment starting June 1. Make sure you are checking your CSUF student email for any updates.

Newly admitted Transfer Students may register for fall semester classes beginning June 3. Biochemistry, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics majors will receive an email with instructions from your major department for making an advising appointment. Biological Science majors will receive an email prior to June 3 with a list of classes to enroll in based on your submitted transcripts. Make sure you are checking your CSUF student email.

NSM New Freshman Presentation

Biology New Freshman Presentation


When can I enroll in classes?

First Year Students can enroll on the afternoon of their Orientation date. Online Orientation participants may enroll within 24 hours after attending an NSM advising workshop. All new Transfer Students may enroll on June 3.

What is ALEKS?

The ALEKS Mathematics Assessment is an online program that assesses First Year students’ math proficiency and provides personalized review in preparation for calculus. A passing score on the fourth and final assessment allows for placement into calculus.

Why should I take ALEKS?

The personalized math review provided will help set you up to be successful in your first college-level mathematics class. Students who complete ALEKS are more likely to pass math in their first semester than students who don’t. Additionally, placement into calculus could save you one semester of math and help you graduate more quickly.

How long does ALEKS take?

Plan to spend a minimum of four days and total of 20 hours on ALEKS. You cannot complete the entire program in less than four days.

Do I need to complete ALEKS before my Orientation date?

It is strongly recommended that you complete ALEKS before your Orientation session in order so that you may enroll in the appropriate class on your registration date. However, if you finish ALEKS after Orientation, you may adjust your schedule to swap into your new math course if needed. Once summer ends, ALEKS is no longer available.

What is CNSM 101?

CNSM 101 is a course for first-semester NSM majors to help transition to the university, gain an introduction to majors in the sciences and mathematics, and build a community with other NSM majors. This course also satisfies the Critical Thinking GE, which is a required GE area to be completed during the first year at CSUF. Many NSM majors will be automatically enrolled in this class.

Why am I already enrolled in classes if I haven’t registered yet?

First Year NSM majors may be pre-enrolled in certain courses for their major. This is to ensure that you get the most important classes you need for the right start in your degree.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

First Year students should submit the SSC Request Form. Transfer students should contact Tanya Kim, Assistant Director of Advising at

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do classes start? Most Fall 2024 classes will start on Monday, August 26 (Saturday classes begin August 24). The Academic Calendar lists the holidays, campus closures, and final exam days.
  2. When do I have to sign up for classes? The  Student Registration Calendar lists the dates and deadlines for class registration. The earlier you sign up the better, as you are more likely to get the classes you need.
  3. What are my fees and when do I have to pay them? Fee and payment deadlines  are posted on the Student Business Services website. Your payment deadline may vary depending on when you enrolled in classes. Payments can be made from your student homepage.
  4. Will my Financial Aid cover my tuition? Check your financial aid award and compare this to your fees charged. If you are expected to receive enough aid to cover your fees, you will have an informational hold on your account preventing you from being dropped for non-payment. Receiving financial aid is contingent on maintaining eligibility including minimum units and Satisfactory Academic Progress .
  5. When will my Financial Aid be disbursed? Financial Aid disbursement typically occurs around 10 days before the start of classes.  Learn more here .
  6. How do I get my Financial Aid refund after disbursement? You can sign up for Direct Deposit in your Student Homepage. Otherwise, financial aid refunds will be sent by mail.
  7. How do I know if CSUF received my transcripts or AP scores? Transcripts and test scores can take several weeks to process. Once that information is updated, it will populate on your Titan Degree Audit (TDA).
  8. Why do I have a Written Comm Placement and Math/QR Hold? These are  informational holds and will not prevent you from registering for classes. All students will need to complete their GE Area A.1 (Oral Communication), A.2 (Written communication) and B.4 (Math) courses by spring of their first year.
  9. Who do I contact if I have questions about living on-campus?  You can email housing at . You can also visit the  CSUF Housing Contact Us page .
  10. Is there someone I can speak to about enrolling in classes or if I have other questions?  Submit an SSC Team Request form and someone from our office will respond to you.


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