About the Linkage Program

Linkage Programs are formal agreements between various health professional schools and California State University Fullerton (CSUF), that offer students special consideration for admission. The linkages guarantee CSUF students a seat upon acceptance with the understanding that the student will attend the linkage program professional school; up to four CSUF students per school, per year can be admitted to these linkage schools.

Linkage programs accelerate the application process, and eliminate the need to apply to multiple schools; this significantly reduces the cost of the application process since travel expenses for interviews can cost up to $5,000 each application cycle. Pre-Health Professions Certificate students have the added benefit of saving time by skipping the "glide year", which is the year between completing the program and entering a professional school that is used to prepare professional school applications.

By having these linkages, the question becomes “What does the medical school gain from these linkage programs?” For George Washington University, they’re looking for quality, mature students — individuals who are career-changers; for schools like Western University, they’re looking for diverse students who will increase the diversity in the health professions. Therefore, the Health Professions Advising Office through the linkage programs has become a pipeline to give these institutions the kind of students they want in their programs

Early Assurance Programs (EAP)

The Early Assurance Programs (EAPs) at Western University (for DOOpens in new window , DPMOpens in new window , OD Opens in new window or PharmDOpens in new window ) and LECOM (for DO, PharmD , or DDS) are designed to meet the needs of students dedicated to a career in health care wishing to be relieved of the pressure associated with the traditional application process. The programs are available to qualified students who have demonstrated appropriate academic success in their early college work at CSUF (in particular CHEM 120A/B and BIOL 172/273). Read students reviews on the Testimonials page.

Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements are in place between CSUF and American University of Antigua (AUA)Opens in new window and St. George's University (SGU)Opens in new window .  These agreements stipulate that students who have met established academic requirements are guaranteed acceptance to SGU or AUA the semester following their graduation. These partnerships will offer CSUF students completing a bachelor’s degree science, the pre-health professions minor or the PHPC program the opportunity to apply for entrance into medical school at SGU or AUA located in the Caribbean. In addition to completing the undergraduate degree at CSUF, a student also must meet certain minimum requirements including a recommendation for admission by the CSUF Health Professions Committee.


Acceptance to an EAP will require interviews by the CSUF Health Professions Committee and the admissions committee of the professional school.  Students should apply to an EAP program no later than their third year at CSUF and, if accepted, will work with the professional school for at least one year. (All applicants to the EAP in any given year are considered applicants to the entering class matriculating one or two years later). Matriculation to the professional school will require meeting certain GPA and admissions exam scores (MCAT, DAT, OAT, etc.) as well as a final review by the linkage committee of the professional school.  Students who are interested in an EAP program should meet individually with the Director of Health Professions for advising to be sure they are making the right decision. Visit the LECOM website Opens in new window for more specific information.


Additionally CSUF post baccalaureate students (PHPC) are eligible to apply for EAP and provisional admission to the George Washington University M.D. programOpens in new window .  Linkage applications requires approval from the PHPC program and the GW M.D. program as part of a defined selection process that requires evidence of strong academic preparation prior to post-baccalaureate coursework, exemplary post-baccalaureate academic accomplishment, and a strong MCAT performance.