Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities if accepted to a Linkage program?

Students applying to this program should do so only if they are fully committed to attending if accepted.

Students must follow a study plan designed to meet all pre-requisites and recommended classes for the program to which they have been accepted. Non-science majors should typically be accepted into the minor in pre-health professions. The courses in the study plan must normally be completed with minimum grades of B+ and an overall GPA of 3.4. (GWU requires an overall PB GPA of 3.6). In some cases, specific programs may have different or additional requirements which will be included in the linkage contract.

Linkage students will be expected to engage in community service, clinical activities and leadership opportunities.

Selection and Acceptance Process

  1. Applications will be reviewed by the CSUF Linkage Committee as to the fit for the specific requirements for the program
  2. Interviews for selected applicants will be conducted by the CSUF Linkage Committee.
  3. Recommended applicants will be interviewed by the professional school admissions committee or their representative.

Can a CSUF science teaching assistant's letter of evaluation be accepted in place of a science faculty member?

Yes, one of your letters can be from a teaching assistant.

Am I limited to only 3 letters of evaluation or can I turn in more?

Additional letters are possible, but not encouraged, unless the letters are coming from clinical professionals.

When should I apply to the linkage program?

If you are considering applying to a linkage program, you can apply as early as you want. You are required to be in the linkage program as a CSUF student for at least 1 year.

Which linkage should I apply to if there are multiple schools in my desired profession?

There are many different things to consider when selecting the linkage program to which you are interested in applying. You are not allowed to apply to more than one linkage program at a time, so the linkage you select should be carefully considered. There are many factors to take into consideration, such as the location of the program, price per year, specialties, rotations, and so forth. Be sure you can clearly demonstrate and articulate your reasoning as to why you selected the particular profession and linkage program to which you are applying.

I would like to apply to a few more schools, is that acceptable if I’m accepted into the linkage program?

Once a school accepts you to their linkage program, they reserve a seat in their incoming class for you. Applying to other schools in an open application will likely lead to the extraction of a linkage offer.

When will interviews take place?

Once you submit your application and all of the necessary items for your application packet, your packet will be carefully reviewed to ensure you meet the minimum criteria for the program. Once your application and content has been verified, the Linkage Committee will call you in for a formal interview. Your file will then be sent to the linkage admissions committee at the Institution to which you are applying and you they will determine if and when you will be granted an interview.

*Please be aware that an interview with the linkage school is not a guarantee of admission.

Are there any fees affiliated with applying for a linkage?

There are no fees affiliated with the linkage application that you submit to CSUF. You will begin to incur fees when you submit your centralized application to a professional school and when you need to travel to the University to interview with their admissions committee. Please note that this is a tremendous savings to a linkage student. A typical pre-health professions applicant spends on average $3,000-$5,000 per application cycle.

Can I apply to more than one linkage?

No, we ask that you carefully consider the program you apply to and have a very definitive response as to why you chose that profession and linkage program in particular.

How can I learn more about the linkages that CSUF has?

Please visit the Linkage web page for more information.

What if I’m accepted to the linkage program and don’t meet the entrance exam requirement?

In order to gain acceptance to the profession school, you will need to meet the linkage program's minimum entrance exam requirement. For some programs, such as GWU, there is only one chance to take the test and receive the required score. For other programs, the required score must be attained by a certain date. Failure to meet the entrance exam requirements will result in withdrawal of the linkage acceptance. As soon as you learn your score, you should be in touch with Dr. Mouttapa and/or the admissions counselor assigned for the linkage program.