Applying to CSUF Linkages

The linkage programs are designed to provide a limited number of highly qualified CSUF students an early assurance of admission to one of the current linkage programs.

Student Responsibilities

Students applying to this program should do so only if they are fully committed to attending if accepted.

Students must follow a study plan designed to meet all pre-requisites and recommended classes for the program to which they have been accepted. The courses in the study plan must be completed with minimum grades of B and an overall GPA of 3.3. (GWU requires an overall PB GPA of 3.6)

A grade or B or below, a grade of Incomplete or a semester GPA below 3.3 will be grounds for review and potentially revoking of the acceptance into the Linkage Program.

Linkage students will be expected to engage in community service, clinical activities and leadership opportunities.

Selection and Acceptance Process

  • Students interested in applying for the linkage program must schedule an appointment to meet with the Health Professions Advisor to discuss specific linkage requirements
  • Student must complete and submit the linkage program application
  • Applications will be reviewed by the CSUF Linkage Committee
  • Recommended applicants will be interviewed by the professional school admissions committee or their representative

*Acceptance into the Linkage Program is provisional upon completion of all the requirements specific to the program to which you are applying.

Applicants must prepare an application to:

  • AMCAS (for GWU)
  • PharmCAS (for LECOM PharmD)
  • AACPMAS (for Western DPM)
  • MCAT must be completed by January 2022 with minimum scores of 8 in each category and a total of 25 for the DO Linkages, or by May 2021 with minimum scores of 7 in each category and a total score of 22 for the DPM linkages.