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CSUF students have a myriad of opportunities to experience the profession in and around the university. Thirty miles east of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, CSUF is a warm, friendly campus nestled between the mountains and the ocean in the personable haven of Fullerton in Southern California. The Department is in close proximity to major regional theatres, and borders Southern California's Mecca of major film and television studios, over 100 producing theatres, and the nation's premiere entertainment parks (Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags, Universal Studios, etc.)

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Current Course Catalogue for the Department of Theatre & Dance

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts

Applied Studies in Theatre

Specialized Studies in Theatre
Emphases in: Directing, Playwriting, Design/Technical Production


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts


Musical Theatre

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Bachelor of Arts in Dance

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Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts



Design and Technical Production

MFA Information for Directing students
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The MFA in Acting is an alternate year program. The next class, strictly limited to 10 students, will begin study in Fall 2017. Auditions will be held in Spring 2017, as part of the University/Resident Theatre Association’s (URTA) Unified Auditions and Interviews, and separately in Fullerton.

The MFA in Directing is also an alternate year program. Only one candidate is selected in this program. The next MFA directing candidate will begin study in Fall 2016, with selection beginning in Spring 2016.

The MFA in Design and Production accepts a limited number of candidates each year. Selection for these programs is based on production books, portfolios and interviews. Please send your resume/portfolio to the faculty member who heads your area of interest, and they will contact you for an appointment if interested. Design and Production faculty also attend the URTA National Unified Auditions and Interviews.

Important Notice for Acting and Musical Theatre students:

After completing all lower division prerequisites (or the transfer equivalent*) with the required grade minimums ("C" or better in THTR 200; "B-" or better in THTR 140, 141A/B and 240A/B), all students electing either BFA concentration (Acting or Musical Theatre) must audition (jury) for formal admission to the junior level of study.  Please see the appropriate "Areas of Study" concentration-specific pages for requirements, program structure/timing, and important information for transfer students.

* Even though you have received an A.A. in theatre, this does NOT mean that you are automatically qualified to jury for a BFA program.  There are specific courses and skills required before you may jury, and your transfer college might not offer those courses and/or skills ( gives General Education, not degree-specific, requirements).  While we apologize for any shortcomings in your transfer school's curriculum, we cannot make exceptions to jury requirements – you must meet all prerequisites before you may jury.  For transfer equivalency evaluation, please contact Prof. Jim Taulli.

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