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A Message from the Department Chair

Quality education is at the heart of all planning in the Department of Visual Arts. Artists are resilient because the arts are constantly in flux, responsive to shifting currents. Dynamic learning continues during this time of unexpected changes.

Student safety and wellbeing are the top priorities for all decisions at CSU Fullerton. Please know we are all working together to maintain the energy of arts instruction, while following safety guidelines set by Governor Gavin Newsom and CSUF President Fram Virjee.

During this pandemic, creative and vibrant solutions are the anchors for all arts instruction. This fall’s schedule of classes is robust, and faculty and staff continue to innovate to deliver engaging content to students. 

We have some of the most accomplished students, alumni, and faculty in the country. Everyone is working together, often quietly behind the scenes. Our commitment to the vitality of your education remains strong. You are becoming exceptional creatives and critical thinkers, and will be well prepared for our new artistic realities.

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Jade Jewett
Chair, Deparment of Visual Arts

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Julia Vaive, photo: I. Alexander Feliciano Photo:I. Alexander Feliciano

Alumna Painter finds
Inspiration in Nature, city

Julia Frances Vaive '20 (B.F.A. Art, Drawing & Painting) is thriving as a painter and content creator in L.A.'s arts district. She talks to Voyage LA about  becoming an artist and finding inspiration in the city she loves.

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Cheryl Savala, courtesy of Treehouse.com Photo: Talenthouse.com

Prof. Cheryl Savala featured
Talenthouse's Website

Savala's illustrations are currently showcased on Talenthouse.com, a global platform connecting artists and brands, where she is a "Featured Creator."

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Matt Gush, courtesy CSUF Photo: CSUF

University Photog Lands Photo in National Geographic 

CSUF photographer Matt Gush '12 (B.F.A. Art, Creative Photography) realizes his lifelong dream of publishing a photo in National Geographic magazine.

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Natasha Kline, courtesy Capital Outlook Photo:Disney Enterprises, Inc

Alumna Creates, Produces Animated Disney Series 

Natasha Kline '06 (B.F.A. Art, Illustration) based her original animated series, "Primos," on her  extended multicultural Mexican American family.

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Visual Arts Department Statement Affirming Black Lives

We, the faculty and staff of the Visual Arts Department, affirm Black lives. The long history of state-sanctioned murder, violence, discrimination, and oppression of Black people in the United States – and elsewhere – has been ignored for too long. We are appalled by, and condemn the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and too many other Black people by police and vigilantes. We mourn for them and for our broken society. 

We acknowledge that structural racism exists in federal and state institutions, including, but not limited to establishments dedicated to education, such as our own. As art historians and artists we understand the power and importance of images. We therefore acknowledge the urgency to do more to counter the images of anti-Blackness and the under-representation of Black voices that pervade our society and classrooms. Furthermore, we understand that the history of art is steeped in a Eurocentric perspective, and we vehemently reject the notion of European, or Western superiority over other cultures. Likewise, we reject the colonial ideologies and violence that led to the creation of the institution of the museum, whose galleries are filled with plunder from colonized peoples.

Now is the time for change. As a community of artists and scholars, this is an opportune time to include anti-racism in our work and our pedagogy.

The Visual Arts Department is committed to:

  • Shining light in our classrooms and in our work on issues of racial inequality, injustice, and violence.
  • Assessing our curriculum to address disciplinary silences, erasures, and institutional racism, and to foreground inclusion equity, and social justice
  • Diversifying the faculty and hiring colleagues from racially underrepresented groups.
  • Collaborating with, and supporting Black students and faculty and staff colleagues to make systemic changes on campus that make and sustain CSU Fullerton pro-Black spaces.
  • Continuing to support anti-racist events and initiatives from our colleagues in the Institute of Black Intellectual Innovation, African American Studies, and other departments who specialize in African American, and cross-coalitional knowledge production.
  • Collaborating with, and supporting the Institute of Black Intellectual Innovation, whose mission is to “...establish and institutionalize the support and inclusion of Black people, culture, creative arts, and intellectual history at California State University, Fullerton and throughout Orange County.” 
  • Supporting our faculty to create spaces of healing for our students, faculty and staff who are experiencing racialized trauma and pain.
  • Encouraging Art majors to incorporate electives from African American Studies.
  • Supporting the Ethnic Studies degree graduation requirement on our campus and the CSU system.
  • Calling out both subtle and explicit White supremacy and racism on our campus, at all levels of the university.
  • Encouraging commitment to social justice and anti-racist pedagogy, praxis, and politics as a department.
  • Holding university faculty and leaders accountable who speak “diversity and inclusion” but who often fail to support students or faculty of color in concrete ways. 

The Visual Arts Department will not enable a culture of white supremacy. Black lives matter. 

*Select items in the bulleted list of action items are borrowed with permission from the statement published by the CSUF’s Chicana and Chicano Studies Department. 

Land Acknowledgment

The Department of Art/Visual Art acknowledges its presence on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Gabrielino-Tongva Nation. We honor with gratitude the land and our native ancestors, who stewarded this territory for generations. We pay respect to the Indigenous land caretakers past, present, and emerging.
For more information please visit: http://www.gabrielinotribe.org/Opens in new window