Christopher Slogar

Associate Professor and concentration head, Art History

Christopher Slogar


Location: MH 103BPDF File
Phone: (657) 278 - 8462

Please contact the Art Department Office 
(657-278 -3471) for current office hours


ART 101, Introduction to Art
ART 201A,B, Art and Civilization
ART 465, Art of Sub-Saharan Africa
ART 481, Seminar in Art History
ART 511, Seminar on the Content & Method of Art History
ART 512, Seminar on Selected Topics in Art History


Christopher Slogar, Associate Professor of Art History, is a specialist in African art. His courses include Art and Civilization to 1300 A.D., Art of Sub-Saharan Africa, and Seminar in Art History. In class, he emphasizes the importance of understanding the cultural context of art within society and how this relates to the manner in which art is collected and displayed in museums. Professor Slogar received his PhD in art history from the University of Maryland. His research interests include cultural continuity and change; colonialism and its effects on artistic production and the image of Africa; collection and exhibition practices; and archaeology. 

Prof. Slogar’s research in Africa is based in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria, where he has participated in archaeological excavations and carried out research on ceramics, masquerades, and other art forms. He has been awarded research funding from organizations including the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the Pittsburgh Foundation, the Cosmos Club Foundation, the University of Maryland, the Cultural Preservation Fund, and the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of African Art. Prof. Slogar’s work has been published in African Arts, Critical Interventions, Terrae Incognitae: Journal of the Society of the History of Discoveries, Lagos Notes and Records (Nigeria), and Akwanshi (Nigeria).

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