Guest Artist Series

Guest artists working with dance program students.

CSU, Fullerton's Dance Program's Guest Artist Series allows our dancers to receive guidance and inspiration from performers from companies such as Baryshnikov's White Oak Project, Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Erick Hawkins Dance Company, Martha Graham Company, Merce Cunningham, Lar Lubovitch, Meredith Monk, Netherlands Dance Theatre, Frankfurt Ballet, and American Ballet Theatre. Below is a list of Guest Artists who have shared their teaching and /or choreography with our students.

California State University, Fullerton is also proud to annually host the Limón West Coast Summer Workshop, Dancing as a Creative Act, on our campus each June. The workshop continues to be a huge success, bringing together students from across the country, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Asia. As a leading international force in contemporary dance, the Limón Dance Company electrifies the world with its dynamic dancing and passionate choreography that includes both American classics and vibrant new visions. The Limón Dance Company Summer Workshop draws on this rich heritage by providing students with inspiring instruction from master teachers who are award-winning artists. This workshop continues to offer Southern California dance students and the dance community an opportunity to work closely with a truly important member of the American dance fabric.

For more information contact Debra Noble or visit the Limón websiteOpens in new window .

Bryn Cohan (Artistic Director Bryn Cohan and Artists, NYC)
Nancy Colahan (Lar Lubavitch,  Baryshnikov’s White Oak , NYC)
Colin Connor (Artistic Director Limon Company, NYC)
Jennifer Muller (Artistic Director Jennifer Muller /The Works, NYC)
Mike Esperanza (Artistic Director BARE, NYC)
Donald McKayle (Artistic Director, Dance Etude)
Cynthia Rierester (Horton Specialist)
Eric Rivera (Ballet Hispanico)
Brad Beakes (Ririe-Woodbury Company, Salt Lake City, UT)
Alaine Haubert (Principal of American Ballet Theatre William J. Gillespie School at The Segerstrom Center for the Arts & former ABT Ballet Mistress)

Lionel Popkin & Dancers (former Trisha Brown Company Member)
Colin Connor (International Choreographer, former Limon Company Soloist)
Josh Romero (Fuse Dance Co. Artistic Director)
Mike Esperanza (BARE Dance Co. Artistic Director)
Nancy Colahan (Soloist with Lar Lubovitch, Baryshinikov’s White Oak Project)
Clint Lutes (Lucky Trimmer International Dance Festival Founder)

Jonathon Fredrickson (Hubbard Street Dance Chicago)
Sumi Clements (Co-Director, Summation Dance Company, NYC)
Taryn Vander Hoop (Co-Director, Summation Dance Company, NYC)
Jessica Kondrath (Artistic Director,The Movement)
Summer Brown Heather Glabe (Malashock and Dancers)

Daniel Charon (Doug Varone and Dancers)
Natalie Desch  (Doug Varone and Dancers)
Stephanie Powers (Alvin Ailey)
Colin Connor (Limón Dance Company)
Joshua Romero (Fuse Dance Company, Artistic Director)

Mike Esperanza (Bare Dance Company, Artistic Director)
Jeff Slayton (Merce Cunningham Dance Co.)
Alaine Haubert (American Ballet Theatre)
Fiona Lummis (Netherlands Dance Theatre)
Leslie Carothers (Joffery Ballet)
Sophie Monat (National Ballet of Portugal)
Michael Nickerson-Rossi (Nickerson-Rossi Dance Co. Artistic Director) 

Colin Connor (Limón Dance Company)
Sarah Swenson (Vox Dance Theatre, Artistic Director)
Garfield Lemonious (Dallas Black Dance Theatre)
Jeffrey Gerodias (Alvin Ailey)
Alaine Haubert (American Ballet Theatre)

Tadej Brdnik, (Martha Graham Company)
Nora Reynolds, (Bella Lewistky Company, Lar Lubovitch & Dancers)
Lionel Popkin (Trisha Brown Company)
Carolyn Hall (Bessie Awarded soloist NYC)
Melissa Gillespie, (Oni Dance, Artistic Director)
Alaine Haubert (American Ballet Theatre)
Marie de la Palme (Alvin Ailey, II)
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet  (Jean-Philippe Malaty, Executive Director)
Colin Connor (Limón Dance Company)
Sarah Swenson (Vox Dance Theatre, Artistic Director)
Robert Wood (Merce Cunningham Co., Martha Clarke)

Louis Kavouras (Erik Hawkins Co.)
Roxanne D'Orleans Juste, (Limón Dance Company, Associate Artistic Director)
Katherine Diamond (Limón Dance Company, Mark Morris Dance Company)
Marie de la Palme (Alvin Ailey)
Alaine Haubert (American Ballet Theatre)
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet  (Jean-Philippe Malaty, Executive Director) 
Gary Masters (San Jose Dance Theatre, Limon Dance Company)
Colin Connor (Limón Dance Company)

Rob Kitsos (Doug Elkins)
Alaine Haubert (American Ballet Theatre)
Damon Rago (Ririe-Woodbury, Tongue )
Viktor Kabaniaev (Leningrad State Ballet)
Risa Steinberg (Limón Dance Company)

Alice Condadina (Limón Dance Company)
Mike Esperanza (BARE Company, Artistic Director)
Damon Rago (Ririe-Woodbury, Tongue )
Viktor Kabaniaev (Leningrad State Ballet)
Roxanne D'Orleans Juste, (Limón Dance Company, Associate Artistic Director)

Bonnie Oda Homsey (Martha Graham)
Ruth Barnes (Merce Cunningham Company)
Donald McKayle
Jeffrey Gerodias (The Ailey Company)
Efren Corado (BARE Dance CO.)
Alaine Haubert (American Ballet Theatre)
Laura Green (Orange County Register Arts Critic) 

Laura Bleiburg (Dance Critic, Orange County Register)
Helen Picket (Ballet Frankfurt, under William Forsythe)
Sara Wookey
Lorin Johnson (American Ballet Theatre)
Glen Eddy (Netherlands Dance Theatre)

Larry Rosenberg (Feld Ballet, Artistic Director Anaheim Ballet)
Donald Mckayle
Albert Reid (Merce Cunningham Co.)
Ruth Barnes (Merce Cunningham)
Nancy Colahan (Lar Lubavitch Co. and Baryishnikov's White Oak)
Louis Kavouras (Erik Hawkins Co.)

Janis Brenner, NYC
Island Moving Company, Rhode Island
Fiona Loomis and Glen Eddy, (Netherlands Dance Theatre)
Bonnie Oda Homsey, Martha Graham Company
Stanley Holden
Gabrielle Brown, (American Ballet Theatre)


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