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Do I have to audition to enter the dance program? Students entering the dance program attend an audition, which consists of a ballet class and modern class. Students will be placed in their appropriate level according to the audition. Dancers wishing to attend an audition, please visit our auditions pageOpens in new window for more information.

What is the process to advance to the next level? Students will be assessed each year in both modern and ballet.

What degree does the undergraduate program offer and is it possible to minor in dance? Currently we offer a BA in dance. Students applying for the BA in dance must successfully complete an audition in modern dance and ballet and maintain a minimum grade in each technique dance class and performances. Presently, we do not offer a minor in dance.

How many students are in the dance department? We have 60-85 students on average in the Dance Major.

What dance techniques are emphasized? We emphasize modern and ballet. Students will also be able to complement their training with jazz, tap, hip-hop, conditioning, yoga and pointe class.

What is the typical class size in the technique class? The typical class size is between 15 and 25 students depending on the course taught and the studio in which it is taught.

What performance opportunities are available? The department offers many opportunities for students to perform. We have two main-stage departmental concerts per year, Fall and Spring Dance Concerts. These two concerts are a mixture of faculty, guest artists and students choreographies performed in The Little Theatre on the campus of CSUF. During the spring semester, 12X16 Dance presents faculty and student works at Grand Central Art Center (GCAC)  in Santa Ana. At the end of every semester, the department also presents student choreography showcases which culminate the work of their composition class. Additionally, students involved into the Dance Repertory Performance Company will have opportunity to perform on and off campus for a variety of audiences.

Can new incoming students participate in the dance concerts? Yes. All dance major students are encouraged to attend auditions for the dance concerts. Cast members are chosen according to their technical and artistic abilities to fulfill the movement requirements of the choreographer. 

Are there opportunities for students to present their own choreographies? Yes. Students are encouraged to audition their choreography to be part of the Fall and Spring Dance Concerts. Students can also audition to present their works at 12X16 Dance at GCAC . Other opportunities for students to show their works includes the showcases of their composition classes which is performed into an informal setting in our performing studio. 

Do you have a performing ensemble? Yes. Our students enrolled in the Dance Repertory and Performance course gain performance experience at festivals and invitational concerts. Students have to complete successfully Ballet III and Modern III in order to audition to be part of this selected group of students. This selected group gains invaluable experience working with guest choreographers. The Dance Repertory Performance course works to broaden the students' understanding of the history, theory and practice of concert dance performance. Participation in the performances furthers the dancer' skills by participating in both historical and contemporary choreographic works. Guest artists work closely with the students by coaching and directing them in the rehearsal process. The program will assist the students to build performance skills, thus, deepening their understanding of a performer's attention and intention on stage. The students will learn repertory from various artists, which will bring them closer to finding their place in the dance world today. The dancers then perform the choreography both on and off campus to a variety of audiences. Such performances provide further preparation of the student for a professional performance career as a dance artist. Please visitOpens in new window our Guest Artist Series page for more information.

Does the department participate in the American College Dance Festival Association? Yes. We have been selected to perform on numerous Gala Concerts and we have been honored at the Kennedy Center for the performing Arts in Washington D.C.

Is there financial assistance available? The department seeks scholarship funding from a variety of sources. Several awards are given each year in diverse categories. The department also offers a number of graduate assistantships and teaching assistantships each year depending upon the expertise of the student and availability of scholarship funds. Please also see College of the Arts scholarshipsOpens in new window .

The Financial Aid OfficeOpens in new window is committed to providing eligible students with the necessary financial aid resources to ensure academic success. The office provides financial assistance to 6,300 students and administers over $17 million annually through a number of student financial assistance programs.

How can I arrange to visit the dance department and observe class? We have an open house in the fall semester during which the community is invited to come visit our campus and find information about our dance program. If you wish to visit and observe dance classes at another time than open house, please contact Alvin Rangel-Alvarado, Dance Program Director. 

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