Estimated Financial Aid Awards

Estimated aid is posted for incoming First Time Freshman and Transfer students in the Student Center. The estimated aid is based on preliminary FAFSA information, prior to any corrections made by the student or the verification of any documentation. The estimated award offer is subject to change after the review of the application and depending on final eligibility. Actual award offers will not say “estimated.”

Estimated FA Awards

This is an example of the Financial Aid Award screen which you may now have on your Student Center.  This example is based on a high financial need student using preliminary FAFSA information. Notice that each award type starts out with the word Estimated and the the awards are not accepted. Estimates awards are just examples of what aid a student may be awarded and they can not be accepted. Once the student receives a Financial Aid Award Notice in their student email, they may log in to the Student Center to view, accept or decline actual awards. Grant offers are automatically accepted by the Office of Financial Aid after eligibility is confirmed.