Financial Aid Awards and Tuition Payment

Finacial Aid AwardsAfter a student registers for courses online, tuition and campus fees are calculated by Student Financial ServicesOpens in new window and typically require a full payment by the payment due date. You should check your Student Center to find out your balance and the due date.  If you have applied for financial aid, you may be eligible to postpone payment of your tuition and campus fees until your financial aid is disbursed at the beginning of the semester.  If your financial aid award is sufficient to cover your tuition and campus-based fees, you may postpone payment until your financial aid award disburses.  This does not apply to housing charges, which must be paid by the payment due date provided by housing.



Watch for your financial aid award notification through your campus e-mail account and follow all procedures to accept your aid and receive your disbursement. You are responsible for monitoring your financial aid status and complying with all requests for information or documentation.

You are responsible for your tuition and campus fees. If your financial aid awards change or are canceled for ANY reason, or if they are insufficient to pay for tuition and campus fees as initially anticipated, you will be required to pay the balance. It is your responsibility to ensure that tuition and campus fees are paid in full. Check with Student Financial ServicesOpens in new window for more information.