Verification is the process used by the university to confirm that the data reported on your FAFSA is accurate. If you’re selected for verification, don’t assume you’re being accused of doing anything wrong. Some people are selected at random; while others are required to verify some information prior to awarding. All you need to do is provide the documentation asked for.  Be sure to do so by the deadline listed with the checklist item as it may delay processing, reviewing, and awarding of financial aid.

  • If documents are requested on your To Do List, submit them to the Office of Financial Aid. Your file will be considered incomplete until these are received.
    • Click here, for help finding your To Do List and getting forms
  • Continue to check your To Do List and campus email as supplemental information can be requested.
  • Read the forms entirely. Ensure you have filled them out appropriately and clearly. Make sure they are signed and have copies of required documents.
  • Documents that are submitted incorrectly will be marked as returned and may require resubmission. 
  • Your financial aid application will not be reviewed until all requested documentation has been submitted and the file is considered complete.
  • A completed file will be reviewed within approx. 4-6 weeks or longer during peak times.


Timely submission of requested documentation allows the office with ample time to:

  • review your file,
  • make required changes if needed,
  • award financial aid, and
  • remain in compliance with Federal Guidelines

More information about documentation submission can be found on our Document Submission Information page.