Clubs & Organizations

College of the Arts students celebrate ArtsWeek. 

Joining clubs and organizations are great ways to empower and enrich the students’ college experience while meeting fellow artists who share the same passion. The College of the Arts has more than 20 student clubs and organizations ranging from academic, honor societies, visuals arts, fine arts and performing arts.  These clubs and organizations provide students with endless opportunities to experience new co-curricular programs, create networks, enhance diversity awareness and creativity, develop leadership skills, and establish meaningful relationships with other students, faculty and staff.

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Arts Interclub Council (AICC)  is a liaison for all arts clubs. Our organization hopes to increase communication between all College of the Arts clubs, promote the growth of a unique artistic community, aid in the continued success of all arts clubs and organizations, promote school unity, and serve as an advisory board to the Assistant Dean for the College of the Arts. AICC provides funding for on-campus workshops and monies for student travel to workshops and conferences.  Advisor:   Maricela Alvarado , (657) 278-3255.