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About California State University, Fullerton’s
Dance Program:

Dancers Carleigh Lipman and Sara Vincent are the featured narrators in photographer Kelly Lacefield's multimedia presentation, "DanceTHEATRE." The slide show documents the dancers' experiences through rehearsal and preparation for "Spring Dance Theatre," coordinated by Gladys Kares, professor of theatre and dance.

We are happy to share with you the love of the art of dance. We take dance and your talent in dance very seriously. The mission of the Dance Program is to develop young dance artists, and to foster the skills, understanding, and discipline that will prepare them for the professional world. We strive to educate, inspire, and motivate our students. Our nurturing, yet rigorous, environment offers our dance majors many opportunities that will enrich their development into performing artists. The curriculum combines practical training in technique, performance, aesthetics, and critical thinking. An intensive training in classically based Modern Dance techniques, Contemporary Dance and Ballet, is complemented by improvisation, composition, dance history, kinesiology, pedagogy, and performance experiences. In this way, the graduating student is prepared technically and creatively to work as a dance artist from the studio to the stage.

This is an exciting time for us here at the CSU Fullerton Dance Program as our students, faculty and alumni are receiving more and more recognition. We continue to explore new endeavors that will contribute to the tradition of excellence among the performing arts here at Fullerton.

The department has moved into its beautiful new home in January 2006. The Joseph Clayes, III Performing Arts Building brings us four new dance studios and three new performing spaces.

Along with our professional dance faculty, we expose our students to some of the great figures of American Dance through our Guest Artist Series. Our young dancers are able to receive guidance and inspiration from performers from companies such as Baryshnikov's White Oak Project, Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Erick Hawkins Dance Company, Martha Graham Company, Merce Cunningham, Lar Lubovitch, Meredith Monk, Netherlands Dance Theatre, Frankfurt Ballet, and American Ballet Theatre, as well as master teachers such as Donald Mckayle and Stanley Holden. We are constantly expanding this important component of our program.

A new exciting addition to the performance opportunities available to our dance majors is the Dance Repertory and Performance. This select group of students gains invaluable experience working with guest choreographers. The Dance Repertory Performance coursework broadens the students understanding of the history, theory and practice of concert dance performance. Participation in the performances furthers the dancer's skills by participating in both historic and contemporary choreographic works. Guest artists work closely with the students, coaching and directing them in the rehearsal process. The program will assist the students to build performance skills, deepening their understanding of a performer's attention and intention on stage. The students will learn repertory from various artists, which will bring them closer to finding their own place in the dance world today. The dancers perform the choreography both on and off campus to a variety of audiences. Such performances further prepare the student for a professional performance career as a dance artist.

CSU Fullerton's Dance Program continues its participation in the American College Dance Festivals, Our students have been invited to perform on numerous Gala Concerts and honors at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. The CSUF, Dance Program has achieved further recognition by one of our students receiving the Best Performer Award.

Over the years, the nationally recognized dance professionals who served as adjudicators have spoken highly of CSUF's work and the performers saying the following:

"Mysteriously dramatic and beautifully danced."
Stephen Koester, ACDFA Adjudicator

"Brilliant performing by entire ensemble. They created a poetic resonance on stage." Doug Elkins, ACDFA Adjudicator

"They created a world for me to enter."
Kevin Wynn, ACDFA Adjudicator

"Stunning, tight structure. A strong ensemble demanding great skill. Beautifully danced."
Claire Porter, ACDFA Adjudicator

"Impactful, breathlessness almost cinematic in scope. Excellent technical, clean and passionate performers."
Mary Carbonara, ACDFA Adjudicator

"Elegant opening. The performers had clarity, with a sense of purpose in the use of time and space. Passionate dancing with beautiful attack of movement. Created impact through physicality to allow the audience to experience their vulnerability. Cellular knowledge. Performers had presence moment to moment, producing a transformation of time through their treatment of transitions. Nothing explained, but everything given."
Tandy Beal, ACDFA Adjudicator

"I was thrilled that you broke the fourth wall. The piece brought us into a private new world"
Peter Di Muro, ACDFA Adjudicator

"I was very moved…I saw mystery. Each person had his own voice. I was utterly intrigued. A very strong and compelling work."
Robin Wilson, ACDFA Adjudicator

"I was very satisfied by this work. I needed and wanted to see it again. The choreography completely transformed the space and time. A tightly knit ensemble. Bold, confident, powerful dancing. …powerful classically grounded technique. A lovely disturbing piece."
- Bill Evans, ACDFA Adjudicator

The Department is very pleased to host, each June, the West Coast Limon Summer Dance Workshop, "Dancing as a Creative Act". A leading force in contemporary dance, the Limon Dance Company continues to electrify the world with its dynamic dancing, and its passionate choreography that includes both American classics and vibrant new visions. The workshop draws on this rich heritage, offering students inspiring instruction from master teachers who are award-winning artists. For two-weeks students receive intensive training in dance technique, repertory and composition. Hosting this workshop on our campus brings our students and the surrounding community closer to a truly important artistic force. Contact Debra Noble (657) 278-5063 for more information. Applications can be found online at


Students wishing to audition for the B.A. in Dance Program must complete a Dance Audition Application Form and audition for the program.

Dance Major audition dates:

November 5, 2016
December 3, 2016
January 28, 2017
February 4, 2017

Dance Audition Application Process

Dance Audition DVD Application Form

Be prepared to do both Ballet and Modern. No additional choreography is required.

For more information please contact Debra Noble, Dance Program Director.


We encourage visits throughout the year. Discover for yourself what we’re all about. For further information, call us at (657) 278-3628 or email

Dance Program
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