Graduate Programs

Student work from illustration and sculpture

Master of Fine Arts in Art with a Concentration in ILLUSTRATION 

OVERVIEW The MFA program in Illustration prepares graduate students for academic life and/or to broaden the academic goals described in the MA concentration. These goals are achieved through critical inquiry and theoretical research, and are demonstrated by superior illustration skills and an understanding of the medium.  Students will develop a body of work that asserts a personal vision, which is both visually rich and effective in its communication.  

Graduate students work closely with faculty to present a cogent exhibition of their graduate art project thesis. The MFA Illustration program offers graduate students teaching opportunities at the undergraduate level to selected students. Faculty work closely with these chosen students to develop a teaching pedagogy, philosophy, and pragmatics, including the development of student projects, project descriptions, and syllabi. 

For program requirements, please see the University Catalog.

Please contact program coordinator Cliff CrampOpens in new window  for further details, or visit the Titans of Illustration website .

Master of Fine Arts in Art with a Concentration in SCULPTURE 

OVERVIEW The MFA program in Sculpture is a 60-unit terminal degree within studio arts. As a result, the focus of the curriculum allows students to refine their undergraduate or MA portfolios and to prepare them for jobs in the field as instructors or working artisans. 

The curriculum offers candidates a breadth of experience through studio electives, art history, writing course requirements, and regularly scheduled committee assessments.  Technical information relevant to the field of sculpture is also covered, which provides a deeper understanding of the processes, maintenance requirements, and safety issues in the campus sculpture studio, which also includes a metal casting foundry.  The program culminates in a capstone project of the student's solo work.

Candidates for the MA and MFA degrees also serve as sculpture lab monitors throughout their program. This voluntary position provides candidates with valuable experience overseeing and assisting undergraduate students with issues related to their work, and allows the department to maintain supervised, open lab times outside of class. 

For program requirements, please see the University Catalog or contact program coordinator Jim JenkinsOpens in new window  for further details.