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Student work from 2-d design, sculpture, and crafts

Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in ART EDUCATION

OVERVIEW The Art Education major provides coursework and field experiences for candidates who teach visual arts in the diverse classrooms of California. The Art Education major is a state approved subject matter preparation program (SMPP) that involves an academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating training in studio art, art history and art education. Candidates develop a commitment to academic scholarship in breadth of knowledge, and deepen abilities as a specialist in visual arts through the program coursework. Completion of the art education major also exempts teaching candidates from completing the California Subject Exam in the Arts (CSET Art).

Students select from three emphasis disciplines: Drawing and Painting, Crafts/3-D, and Computer/ Photo. The emphasis develops student expertise in the practice of a studio discipline for teaching with passion, competency and relevance with respect to the State-adopted Academic Content Standards for K-12 Students and Curriculum Frameworks for California Public Schools.

For program requirements, please see the University Academic Catalog.


Elizabeth HolsterOpens in new window , Assistant Professor

Dru Cottrell, Lecturer
Marsha Judd, Lecturer
Melanie Vogel, Lecturer

Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in ART HISTORY

OVERVIEW Art history offers a visual perspective from which to examine the history of world cultures and civilizations. Courses examine the history of art production and display focusing on global themes and concerns, such as iconography, patronage, portraiture, gender, the built environment, revolution, religion and the afterlife.

The students taking art history classes have many different interests, included are those pursuing careers in studio art, art history, and museums and galleries. Together the students represent a large cross-section from the university, all bringing their own interests to the study of art history, but sharing the conviction that art is a meaningful expression of the human experience.

For program requirements, please see the University Academic Catalog.


Joanna RocheOpens in new window , Ph.D., Program Coordinator, Professor, specialization in Contemporary Art
Elisa MandellOpens in new window , Ph.D., Assistant Professor, specialization in Latin American Art
Chris SlogarOpens in new window , Ph.D., Associate Professor, specialization in African Art

Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in GENERAL STUDIO ART

OVERVIEW Upon entering Cal State Fullerton in pursuit of an art degree each undergraduate begins as a candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Art. This degree is one of the two undergraduate art degrees offered here at Cal State Fullerton. As a liberal arts degree it focuses on art and design in the context of a broad program of general studies. It affords the student opportunities to work, study and/or experience the visual arts from cultural sources, historical periods, and a breadth of studio courses exploring a diverse range of media.

This degree program is particularly appropriate for those interested in pursuing an art history degree, preparing to pursue a K-12 teaching credential, or seeking a liberal arts experience with the emphasis placed upon developing a high degree of visual literacy.

For program requirements, please see the University Academic Catalog.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with a Concentration in CERAMICS

OVERVIEW We believe it is important for ceramic and glass students to understand their role as artists and we encourage them to explore the potential of their chosen media for developing an individual direction and personal art aesthetic. Emphasis is placed on helping students to develop their technical proficiency as they explore both sculptural and functional approaches. As they expand their decision-making skills within the complexities of their chosen media students participate in all process phases, from the making of clay and development of glazes to kiln firing and kiln working.

Courses follow a chronological sequence from lower-division introductory experiences to specialized upper-division courses in ceramic sculpture, glass casting, forming and blowing as well as architectural stained glass.

For program requirements, please see the University Academic Catalog.


Nobuhito NishigawaraOpens in new window , Associate Professor, Ceramics and Ceramics Program Coordinator
Vincent Suez, Emeritus Professor, Ceramics

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with a Concentration in CRAFTS

OVERVIEW The mission of the CSU-Fullerton Crafts concentration is to provide students with an intellectual landscaping of the media based traditions of the functional arts while introducing them to current technologies and processes interfaced with traditional approaches to the specific materials and practices of Crafts. Through instruction and correlating assignments, the goal is also to prepare the students to enter the contemporary professional world of practicing crafts artists.

The goal of the Crafts/Art program is to develop artists who use three-dimensional media as their principle media of expression. The program's main objective is to develop creative and productive artists with a professional attitude who can objectively evaluate their work. Technical competence is important and integral to the process but is not secondary to the ability of defining and creating unique and inspired solutions.

The program prepares students to be professional artists, designers in industry, museum specialists or writers/critics.

For program requirements, please see the University Academic Catalog.


Christina Y. SmithOpens in new window , Professor of Art and Program Coordinator
Jennifer Monroe, Adjunct

In addition to teaching, our professors maintain their professional practice in the field of Jewelry and Metalsmithing. Their art has appeared in fine art galleries and private and museum collections throughout the nation such as the Museum of Contemporary Arts and Design, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, The Smithsonian American Art Museum - Luce Foundation, Victoria & Albert Museum, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Our faculty also shares and teaches its expertise at presentations and workshops nationwide.

Their work has been recognized and supported by grants from national foundations, and they have been published in magazines such as One of A Kind, Design Visions, Metalsmith, Ornament, American Craft and Architectural Digest Magazine. Additionally, they have been included in the Craft In America project, which includes a comprehensive historical traveling exhibition, an accompanying book, and a KCET sponsored PBS Series of the same name.

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