Humana Ex Machina:
Kinetic Commentaries on the Nature of Being

August 25 - September 29, 2007
Curators | Karen Crews & Johnny Sampson

About the Exhibition

Humana Ex Machina: Kinetic Commentaries on the Nature of Being features works by four contemporary artists who use kinetic sculpture to comment on various paradoxes of human nature. Using a variety of materials and devices including metal pistons, pulleys, wires, wheels and 18th century rotors fused with delicate wooden machinery, these kinetic sculptors create elaborate, mesmerizing objects that reflect, simulate and trigger human characteristics and emotions. Taken from a literary and theatrical term referring to an unlikely resolution of a tangled plot, "Humana Ex Machina" literally translates as "human from the machine." The kinetic sculptures in the exhibition create a kind of theatre but, in these artworks, the implication is that it is man who must define and untangle his own destiny.

Gregory Barsamian 
Arthur Ganson 
Jim Jenkins
Bernie Lubell

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