Redefining the Line: Art Nouveau and the Female Form

August 29 – October 2, 2009
Curators | Alexandra Duron & Sarah Strozza

About the Exhibition

Redefining the Line: Art Nouveau and the Female Figure investigates the influence of historical Art Nouveau on contemporary art and features artists who work in both traditional and digital media. After nearly 100 years, contemporary artists continue to reference the curvilinear line work and embellishments of Art Nouveau, as well as the traditional Japanese woodblock prints that inspired artists of the period. The vibrant, cutting-edge imagery of Redefining the Line reflects stylistic and symbolic notions of Art Nouveau reshaped, transformed and reiterated for a contemporary audience. These artists have successfully merged the fine art and commercial art worlds, applying fine art techniques and art historical ideas to commercial avenues geared towards fashion, music and popular culture. 

Pomme Chan, Deanne Cheuk, Nadja Conrad-Hansen, Aya Kato, Pandarosa
Marguerite Sauvage, Alberto Seveso, Sonya Suhariyan, Yoshi Tajima, and
Eveline Tarunadjaja

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