What's the Rush? Topics on Convenience

November 7 – December 16, 2009
Curators | Krystal Glasman and Elizabeth C. Tallman

About the Exhibition

What’s the Rush? Topics on Convenience features artwork from painters Susan Jane Belton, Derek Buckner, Henriette Sonne, and Chris Wright, photographers Chris Jordan and Maya Sutter, and sculpture from artist Kevin Landers.

The artists included in this exhibition explore a pop art approach to common objects designed for convenience in our fast-paced lifestyle.  These objects are documented, reinvented and sometimes celebrated through painting, photography and sculpture. Isolation, focus, and repetition reinforce the viewers’ familiarity with products that stand neutral before the audience. While all the artists embrace the neutrality of these common objects in their visual presentation, with additional insight every artist, every artwork, every object tells a story.

The pace at which the world has escalated to lead to new products, which are still evolving to save consumers time and energy. Drawing inspiration from these ordinary objects illustrates ideas of wasteful living, laziness, anxiety, and branding. The artists participating in What’s the Rush? are putting a larger-than-life focus on these side effects of our culture.

A full-color, 100-page catalog is available for purchase.

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