METADATAPHILE: The Collapse of Visual Information

August 28 – September 30, 2010
Curators | Jennifer Frias & Lilia Lamas

About the Exhibition

Metadataphile: The Collapse of Visual Information features sixteen international artists who transform and recontextualize data into art that makes socio-political statements. These artists appropriate, hack, pirate, and reorder metadata from objects, events and cultural phenomena into film, installation, painting, photography, sculpture, and sound.                  

Metadataphile is a response to the rapid process in which information is filtered through our technology-driven society. The exhibition steers the viewer to re-examine the output of data provided instantly to them, whether it’s human, media or technology based. In contrast, the dynamic artworks featured in the show decelerate the instantaneous outcome of data by counteracting the negative notion of “manipulating” data.             

Artists: Cory Arcangel + Frankie Martin, Josh Azzarella, Petronio Bendito, Matthew Bryant, Sky Burchard, Kathy Grayson, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Ken Rinaldo, Kim Rugg, Jason Salavon, Peter Sarkisian, John Sisley, Stephanie Syjuco, Michael Toillion, and Jason Varone

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