Living with Clay: California Ceramics Collections

August 25 – November 17, 2018
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 25, 2018, 5–8 pm;   Collector’s Panel and preview: 8/25 at 4 pm, VA-113 
Curator: Rody N. Lopez

About the Exhibition

Living with Clay featured ceramic artists of local, regional, national, and international significance with a wide range of traditions including studio pottery, the 1960s clay revolution, and today’s contemporary innovations. In the gallery, viewers "entered" the homes and lives of collectors through their exhibited belongings including furniture, rugs, and lathe objects, creating a lived-in history for each collection. Living with Clay is documented by a full-color catalogue published by CSUF.

Collectors: Julie and David Armstrong, Judy and Richard Jacobs, Gloria and Sonny Kamm, MAW Collection of Pre-Columbian Art, Richard Oelschlaeger, and Diane and Igal Silber. 

Artists: Jerome Ackerman, Rudy Autio, Ralph Bacerra, Tom Coleman, Josh Deweese, Carmen Dionyse, Betty Davenport Ford, Viola Frey, David Furman, Julia Galloway, Shoji Hamada, Robin Hopper, Jeff Irwin, Sergei Isupov, Tony Marsh, Beverly Mayeri, Alleghany Meadows, Gertrude and Otto Natzler, Vincent Palacios, Don Reitz, Kevin Snipes, Paul Soldner, Robert Sperry, Jindra Vikova, Peter Voulkos, Patti Warashina, Varda Yatom, Ward Youry, and many more.

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