Clubs & Organizations

Art Education Club

The Art Education Club is designed for students interested in teaching art in the future. 

Advisor |  Betsy Holster (657) 278-7378

Camera Absurda

A Photography club interested in promoting interaction between the students with the World of Fine Art Photography, and increase our knowledge about different methods about photography with critiques and presentations.

MEETINGS | Wednesday, Weekly at 12:00pm, VA-295
Advisor |   Julie Orser (657) 278-4754, VA 296 B

Ceramics Club, CSUF

The purposes of the Ceramics Club are to promote education concerning ceramic art by sponsoring guest lectures and slide presentations by qualified Ceramic artists, historians and visionaries; to promote ceramics arts, by disseminating information, promote student exhibitions and ceramic sales, participating in campus out reach programs, and mentoring beginning ceramic students; to sponsor social functions including a Thanksgiving Dinner for the entire art department.

MEETINGS |  1st Wednesday of every month at 7:15 PM, VA-123
Advisor |   Nobuhito Nishigawara (657) 278-3173, VA 178

Crafts Club (inactive)

The Crafts Club has been organized to create an arena for discussions and education of crafts through workshops, guest speakers, and club participation. Metal, fiber, and wood artists are invited to broaden their understanding of crafts.

Advisor Christina Smith (657) 278-7633, VA 144 A

Fine Art Society 

Fine Art Society is open to all Visual Artists that attend or are Alumi of CSUF. FAST's purpose is to help the members become more sucessful as artists. We have held numerous group shows on and off campus, attended many important gallery openings in the OC and LA counties, and have invited guest artists to speak and lecture at CSUF.

MEETINGS |  Thursdays, every other week at 7:00pm, VA 175 or VA 164
Advisor |   Jade Jewett (657) 278-2081, VA 296

Graphic Design Club

Graphic Design Club is an organization that promotes creative growth and awareness of this art as a culture and a community. Graphic Design Club will give the opportunity for students to network and support each other with visual feedback.

MEETINGS |  Thursday, TBA at 7:00 PM, VA 175
Advisor |   Theron Moore (657) 278-2077, VA 190 C

Hot Glass Club, CSUF

The Hot Glass Club promotes education of awareness of glass art by sponsoring guest lectures and demonstrations by qualified glass artists and historians. The club also disseminates information promotion.

MEETINGS |  First Monday of every month at 4:00 PM, VA 140
A dvisor |  John Leighton (657) 278-2771, VA 142

Kappa Pi International Honorary Art Fraternity

The mission of this Chapter will be to recognize the students at CSUF in the Visual Arts/Art History Department for their outstanding artistic talents and academic achievements and to link the visual arts department to the community. In addition, KP seeks to provide a networking and communicative base; the means of contemporary issues in dealing with the art world; and to serve the students with organizational workshops, projects, and events to enhance their development and knowledge of art world. 

Joanna Roche (657) 278-7539
Elisa Mandell (657) 278-3175 

Pencil Mileage Club

The Pencil Mileage Club is an organization of dedicated animators and illustrators that provides members with training, networking, and social opportunities to supplement their education and aid them in establishing a strong work ethic for future careers.

MEETINGS |  Wednesday, Weekly at 12:00pm, VA 184

Dana Lamb
, (657) 278-2076, VA 290 D
Cliff Cramp , (657) 278-5602, VA 290 E

SOMA | Society of Museum Associates

The Society if Museum Associates (SOMA) is a group comprised of those working in the field of, or aspiring to participate in, museum and/or gallery environments. Members stay current on related topics through lectures, workshops, and gallery events. 

MEETINGS |  Wednesday, Weekly at 12:00pm
Advisor Mike McGee (657) 278-3262