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Fall 2020/ Spring 2021 BA and BFA Students

Painting of animal crackers with elephant walking out of the box.

Elise Acosta
BFA, Drawing and & Painting (Spring 2021)
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IG: @ArtByEliseAcosta




Drawing of man with rectangle showing his face
Jason De Alba
BFA, Gaphic & Interactive Design (2022, projected)

Two women covering their faces
Nancy Gajjar

BFA, Graphic & Interactive Design (2022, projected)

Multiple hands reaching toward a neon heart
Mackenzie Hoye

BFA, Drawing & Painting (2022, projected)

Two skeletons viewing sleeping woman

Nicole Mapaye

BA, Teaching - Art Education (2023, pojected)

Two people with electrical equipment on abstract backgroud
Juan Rivera

BFA, Drawing & Painting (Spring 2021)

Painting of two women with pink skin
Chloe Ward

BFA, Drawing & Painting (2023, projected)

Pink tinged, sparkling clouds.

Karla Amaya
BA, Studio Art (2022, projected)

Two-dimensional still life painting

Corryn Cook
BFA, Drawing & Painting (2022, projected)

Cartoon-style rabbit with knife and words 'What are you hungry for?'
Michelle Fanoe

BA, General Studio (2023, projected)

A hand holding Mexican bread and a hand holding popscicle
Ulises Hernandez

BFA, Drawing & Painting (Spring 2021)

Black and white watercolor of two people with dogs
Elise Martinez

BFA, Drawing & Painting (2022, projected)

Three different candy-colored landscapes

Natalie Minguez
BFA, Graphic & Interactive Design (2022, projected)

Grafitti art of a peacock on concrete slab near a beach
Steve Quintana

BFA, Drawing & Painting (Spring 2021)

Painting of American flag with burn marks

Alex Valdez

BFA, Drawing & Painting (Spring 2021)

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