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The College of the Arts Student Success Team is exclusively committed to providing a wide range of services that are designed to help students persist and graduate. We are dedicated to providing information about campus support services and resources, graduation requirements, career planning and personal development. Students are strongly encouraged to seek out the advising team. 

To schedule an appointment with a specialist, please call the Student Success Center at (657) 278-4108 or email


Maricela Alvarado

Maricela Alvarado, Assistant Dean • VA 280AOpens in new window

See the Assistant Dean if:

  • You are experiencing a complex/sensitive student issue
  • You have a concern related to your Titan experience
  • You need to consult about a University/College appeal
  • You need to be connected to University/College resources 

Caroline Harrington

Caroline Harrington, Graduation Specialist VA 280AOpens in new window

See a Graduation Specialist if:

  • You are a Junior or Senior
  • You have questions on how and when to apply for graduation
  • You are a candidate for graduation and have received either a pre-audit or deferral (graduation deficiency) notice
  • You have a graduation deficiency on your Titan Degree Audit 
  • The graduation term you applied for is no longer the appropriate term based on your remaining requirements

Dora Corona

Dora Corona, Retention Specialist  VA 280A

See a Retention Specialist if:

  • You are a Freshman or Sophomore
  • You need registration advisement
  • You have Academic Probation questions
  • You need information on University/College academic policies (GPA requirements, petitions, withdraws, change of grade, etc.)

Laura Neal

Laura Neal, Career Specialist
 • LH 205

You need career or major advisement See a Career Specialist if:

  • You are interested in job search preparation (resumes, cover letters, interviewing, etc.) 
  • You are intersted in skill development (internships, volunteer work, etc.) 
  • Want to explore graduate school and graduate school preparation

Leslie Skinner

Leslie Skinner, College Advisor • VA-280A

Available by referral only
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